Are you a disciple of St Francis of Assisi? Can you read this and help me?


Hi Guys
I’ve been finding I have connections with 2 saints lately. A few weeks ago I came across St Gemma the Italian mystic and stigmaist. She came into my life as others have said and I learnt her death and feast day are on my birthday. She’s now a patron of mine and I intend to study her more.
Over the last few days I listened to an audio book on the life and work of St Francis of Assissi by GK Chesterton. What an incredible saint, and such an enormously positive influence in the church. What a golden age the 13th century was. Will there ever be another to rival it? So many of our greatest saints lived in the 13th century. When I was a kid going through my first holy communion and confirmation a nun asked me who I wanted to be my patron saint for same. I said I don’t know ( I didn’t know what a saint was let alone know any ). She asked my name and said St Francis of Assissi can be your patron saint. She said remember this - when you are older read his books. There beautiful books. I found the church or rather it found me in 1989 and ever since I’ve often thought of what the nun said and wanted to read his works. Having just found out his real name was John and his father changed it to Francis because of business relations with the French blew me away. My name is John Francis R. and he’s my patron saint and he’s Italian. Now i have 2 great italian mystics and stigmatists as patrons whom I have just found out about or realised it. No doubt providentially.

I’m wondering if any of you guys can provide links to free preferably or paid audio books or audio cds of all of his works? I would like to listen to his story from a much more spiritual aspect too as GK Chesterton was very intellectual and dry. He is great to read or listen to, but I like more spiritual works usually.

I’d appreciate your help here.

God bless:)


It is not free, but the best book on St. Francis, in my opinion, is The Perfect Joy of St. Francis by Felix Timmermans. I have read a lot of books about St. Francis (my favorite saint), but none have matched this work.


Is it a very good book about St.Francis? because I read one book and forgot the author. I love St.Francis very much (he is my favorite saint too)



There are many good books on Francis, but I have found the Timmermans book to be the best.But of course that is my own opinion and I’m sure others would have their own favorites.


The first book I read on St. Francis of Assisi remains my favorite.

The Journey and the Dream by Murray Bodo OFM.

In this book, Fr Bodo gets into the contemplative side of St. Francis.

I believe its available in audio as well as print.



I’m not sure about online audio books, but I just finished reading St. Bonaventure’s “Life of St. Francis” and it was very well done and easy to read. Bonaventure can be very difficult but in this book he really brought Francis to life for me. It is probably the best of the many biographies of Francis I have read.

Murray Bodo and Lester Bach have written excellent books on Francis and Franciscan spirituality though many of them are more intended for formation purposes than for general reading. The one Jim mentions is excellent reading for anyone interested in Francis however.

One excellent book that is online is “The Little Flowers of St. Francis” which can be found here



Thanks, I may be buy this book.

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