Are you a Godparent?


Are you a Godparent? Just curious.


I wasn’t quite fourteen the first time. I was about 18 the second time. I was 28 for the third all boys.


Yes I am to 2 nieces and one nephew.I am honored to be so and always keep them in my prayers.


Yes, to one friend’s son, and I will be to my sister’s soon-to-be born daughter.


Two goddaughters and two godsons.


Yes, to my youngest brother and youngest sister-- obviously, the age gap is quite large. :stuck_out_tongue:


My oldest brother is my older sister’s Godfather, there is almost 20 years between us. I always wanted the next brother (who I was always close to) to be my Godfather, but my mom picked a girl who was engaged and felt obligated to ask the fiance. Needless to say, they were not in my life at all.

My parents are Godparents to both of my children.

I am the proud Godparent to a terrific 8 year old little boy, my nephew.


Yes, to one nephew and one niece. My niece is now 21 yr old and my nephew is 7. I guess I am the official Godmother of my nephew for it says so on the Baptism certificate, by one of my other non Catholic sister was asked and she stood in. The priest wanted on Catholic Godparent and so put my name as my nephews Godmother. My other sister doesn’t know this. She is unaware of what it really means to be a Godparent to a Catholic child, but the parent of my nephew wanted another sister besides the same two of us that are Catholic. Unfortunately, her husband picked one of his brothers as the Godfather who was no religion.


Yes, to my one of my brothers oldest son. This is truly what brought me back into the Church as a complete practicing Catholic. My godson and I have a connection which means the world to me. He’s a true gift for me.


Yes, I have two God daughters:D


Yeah, 2 Goddaughters and one Godson!


Yes, I have 3 God-daughters and 1 God-son. They are all my friends’ children. The eldest is 9 and youngest, 18 months.



four god-sons and three god daughters.


Nope. There are senior family members in reach. :wink:


I have just one godchild, my oldest maternal cousin’s youngest (and only) daughter, now aged 7. :smiley:


Yes, to my niece. Tim


No. Maybe one day I can be a godmother, but now I can’t because I’m not still confirmed. Sorry… :frowning:


Just became one on June 2 to a litte girl, Mila. She is Ukrainian Orthodox, but I was invited to be the Godmother as a Catholic. I bought her an Orthodox cross though as part of my duties according to their customs.


No, I’m not a Godparent yet, but we’ll see what God has in store for me!


Yes to my older brother and his wifes youngest daughter. and to my little brother and his wifes daughter.

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