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May '19

The Church’s social doctrines: Pro-life, human rights, the common good."

–> I am fairly certain this is the correct forum for this topic. I can only assume since it is a Holy See supported organization, it’s ok to give the link.

Here’s what I tell men around here when asked about our KofC council and what we do, or are about, etc. -> “We raise money and give it away.” And indeed, that is what we do.

My one, hope & pray it’s ok link here on this is:

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A look at will show you where the money goes.

AT our local level, we’ve raised money for the right to life in our city, helped purchase mobile ultrasound vans, give of course to parish needs large and small.
We also give to the St Vincent DePaul society locally, the homeless shelter, food pantry, coats, clothes, etc. And we help with disaster responses like for tornados last year…people on the ground in need get the money, not organizations who would misuse or abuse it.
Oh, and since I’m a vet, I’ll mention that we who are 4th degree knights also have a rep at the local VA hospital to coordinate helping veterans.


Have you really examined what “Faith based investing” means? My Dad was the treasurer of the local chapter of the Knights of the Southern Cross for a few years in the 80’s. He resigned because he didn’t fit in with the hierarchical model that emerged and that he wasn’t prepared to join the Masons. I don’t have a good impression of the modern day Knights.

I thought you took issue with where donations go. Now, you seem to have shifted gears to questioning their investment management?

What does that mean?


I’m pretty sure that they already support local charities…

A cursory glance revealed nothing concerning. What exactly is the issue here?

Well, Catholics are still forbidden to join the Masons. Nonetheless, I am aware that some KofC are Masons. This does concern me…


Ok, this happens - Knights of Columbus are not, and arent associated with “the masons.”
Pius XIIIclearly declared freemasonry an enemy of the Church in a late 1800’s encyclical. A Catholic who joins freemasonry is subject to excommunication. And BTW, all Shriners are masons as it is a requirement to join the Shrinersthat one be a Mason.

I’m fairly uncertain what the issue is with where our charitable donations go. We are Catholics, so our donations go to the same places the Church Herself donates, plus a ton of small local niches for which she doesnt necessarily have a fund.

As I’m a convert, not surprisingly my father was a 32nd in addition to being a 32nd degree Mason. It saddens me that he was that, in addition to an abusive most of my life.
Then I worked in a union shop with other electricians (while finishing EE studies) who were Masons. They were outright dirty to me because I refused to join. I refused while a Protestant bc of the alcoholic jerks my father hung out with, like him.
That’s not to say all masons are alcoholic jerks, but their rites are pagan like and they’re crooked as a dogs hind leg from top to bottom of the organization.

Anyway, yes our agents now do ethical investing advising…means what we invest in AS INDIVIDUALS doesnt go to companies who do things against Church Teaching. Of course the same is true for ALL of our donations, everywhere. We abide by the rules…we raise money, we give it to ppl who verifiably need help, or more accurately, for resources that we hand deliver to them.
Local parish new mothers pantry - bottles, diapers, etc.
Food pantry run by the Church.
I’ll not attempt to list all, but I say with no hesitation any funds we raise help those in need.
Hope this helps.


BTW, those are not Knights of Columbus or a Catholic organization.

Since the Knights Templar centuries ago, non-Catholic fraternal orders have sought to gain credibility by appearing to be part of the Catholic Church when they are not.


My husband is a fourth degree Knight. Along with the charitable works, it’s been very meaningful for him to make friends who are devout, really great guys.


The Knights are a wonderful organization. I am not a member. I’ve never felt called to be a member. I participate in other ways. RCIA catechist, RCIA Director, teach baptismal prep, lead adult formation studies.


Do you honestly believe what you are saying here? Or was this just a dig at U.S. Catholics? Of course we know the Church is everywhere. But we are not to blame if the majority of people on CAF are from the U.S. and relate their experiences.

Your post was in response to someone pointing out that Knights of Columbus and Knights of the Southern cross are two different things. Could it possibly be that they are connected but not actually run the same way?


The Knights of Columbus is not a mason orginization. I would remind you that it is a sin to bear false witness against your brothers and sisters.


Our local K of C seem like a good bunch of guys. They’ve asked me to join up a few times, not realizing that I’m not Catholic. I don’t know where every dollar they raise goes, but I do know they support Catholic seminarians, and some programs at the local Catholic schools.


in some cases, we spend it first :slight_smile:

In particular, the high end ultrasounds for pro-life clinics.

Apparently, we’ve placed one next to every abortion clinic in Nevada, and are moving on to mobile units . . .

pro life activities, supporting the parish youth group and other parish organizations, whatever the parish needs, and programs for the mentally disabled probably account for 97 or 98 cents on the dollar . . .

hawk, PGK, FGK, PFN


I read the article and I suppose you are concerned not about the dollars being donated to charities and to the Vatican, but rather to “political” activities.

The K of C is a fraternal order is it not? They do not claim to represent all views, other than Catholic views. Most people know that the K of C is going to support very conservative views. I don’t have a problem with them supporting their views, because men are free to not join the organization.

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I want to join. Primarily because I want to get into gangland-style street fights with masons, but also for the good works.


The only two political actives that the KofC has ever engaged in are

  1. putting “under God” into the pledge of allegiance, and
  2. broad support of pro-life.

In fact, politics are absolutely and categorically banned from our chambers.

That’s it.


Well, I read the link from upthread, and that is why I put the word political in quotes. :wink: what some view as political, others view as Catholic or common sense.


Thanks for the belly laugh!

In re: the knights in Australia, my bad. I recruited a Nigerian fellow last month who said his brother there was a “knight of the yellow turban,” so I suppose I was prined to deny anyone not titled KofC is actually part of our order. Again, my bad, meant no offense I assure you.

Re: money again - I cant stress enough we’re a charitable organization. We began in 1892 in New Haven, CT, USA in the basement of St Mary’sby Fr Michwel J McGivney and some men whom he recruited in order that when the men of the town died and left a wife and/or kids, theyd be taken care of…
It grew from those 12 or so men to millions now globally.
And FYI, we were instrumental in having the persecuted Christian’s in Iraq declared genocide by Congress so that the US Military could finally be ordered to help them against ISIS.

We do a few things above and beyond common knowledge I think.
I’m a retired soldier and count being a 4th Degree KofC an honor. The code of honor is essentially the same.

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