Are You a Knight of Columbus?

I’m a third degree Knight. I have yet to be asked to join the Masonic temple (which would be easy to do, considering there’s one less than a tenth of a mile away). Where are you getting your information?


Thank you for confirming that. I didn’t think the KoC had anything to do with them.

Around here the KoC runs a lot of parish fundraisers. The parish priests are often involved directly, the local chapter is named after a former beloved pastor of the parish, and they also appear regularly at Masses said by the Bishops for special events. They have a special pro-life Mass and prayer service every year, they helped sponsor and operate a major saint relic tour about a year ago, and they often work at all the fish frys and parish festivals. Has nothing to do with Masons and everything to do with supporting the parish and diocese.

The KoC actually started out as an insurance organization in the USA to help Catholic widows and orphans, and the founder, Venerable Fr. Michael McGivney (yes he was a priest) is up for sainthood.

So I’m not sure where all this KoC-bashing in the thread is coming from but it’s just wrong. They’re not Masonic in the least.

Once I enter the Church at Easter, I plan on joining the KoC as soon as possible. Seems like a great way to build Catholic friendships while serving the Lord and advancing His kingdom.


My husband is 3rd degree knight.
:blush:we have gone to state convention.


4th degree Knight here. I recently reactivated my membership in a council. Have been out of it for several years. Not involved in the 4th degree again as of now.



It started to tame care of families of Catholics when we had the most dangerous jobs, but it took a few years to get the insurance s such.

In the meantime, members were expected to kick in $5 each when another member died.

We did a first degree for a convert within two hours of his chrismation. One of the factors in his conversion was joining the Kof’; he’d been working with us on some projects when his kid was enrolled in our school


To me, passing the hat or otherwise taking care of families as you describe is an early form of “insurance”. It ensured that your family would be cared for if anything happened to you.
Technically, you may not see passing the hat as insurance, but the point is that it was a society to provide for widows and orphans when male members of the organization died. It was not some kind of secret society formed for political objectives.

My father was a lifelong member of a railroad workers’ “brotherhood”. It had the exact same history and purpose, initially.

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Third Degree brother. Joined my college council and it’s one of the best things I’ve done for my faith. We supply altar servers to the local parish, do monthly service at a nearby pregnancy center, distribute food weekly to the homeless on Friday nights, and raise money for a plethora of Catholic causes. I’m very proud of by brothers and proud to be a knight.


Again, I don’t know why you’ve come to this thread with some seeming agenda to bash the KoC, but you’re way off base. They’re not Masonic, have nothing to do with the Masons, and you’re bearing false witness against your neighbor, repeatedly throughout this thread. Flagged.

The KoC are a very nice organization and I’m happy to see plenty of members and supporters here. Makes up for all the false statements by someone who clearly has no idea what the KoC do.



Impossible :slightly_smiling_face: couldn’t happen

We don’t tolerate slander against faithful Catholic organizations. We are anti-Masonic and no Masons are allowed as members. Good day.


I’m a Third degree.

I hesitated joining. Not that I didn’t like anyone or anything, it’s just that was a “dad” thing when you get to old to do “fun” stuff in my mind. An irrational thought tbh.

I couldn’t have been more wrong, and am really glad I joined. I encourage everyone who is curious to dive in. I’ve met some of the best people, a had some good ole fun in the process…


This is why I always recommend insurance

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Congrats! Maybe the next step would be building brick and mortar operations (or just supporting them)? How’s the Pro Life Movement in Nevada, if you don’t mind me taking a political turn for this moment, I heard the GOP gave up that on their platform (well officially) so that seemed discouraging?

I know this is spreading doom and gloom but is there going to be a generational bottleneck for the Knights (not I know would keenly know (non practicing) but aren’t a lot of members rather old) and this warrants another thread but this is indicative of the Church losing social structures and community which can be hard on members who appreciate or need that support?

Not particularly. The Knights in America may shrink but the college councils are pretty strong and some very good men come out of them. As college councils grow and young Catholics are pushed to organizations like the Knights, I have a feeling there will be some sort of return to form and strength.

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This is superstitious and feels like I’m jinxing it, but do you think the College Catholic Ministers (does the Church risk herself turning into a middle/upper middle class Church) are going to help the Church going (demographics and all) forward (what about all the non college young adults though) and the Church is trying to reach out/build community for young adults? I realize I’m diverging the thread.

Also, do you think the Knights (idea that’s a stretch) can work on going back tot heir original charism in respect to support families especially if Catholics don’t feel community/social support or life in their parishes (note I’m non practicing) or actually, they already (depends on the Council though) are (like I read one of their program ideas to give an award to a practicing family)?

As for demographic shift, I don’t believe so. At least in my council, local high school seniors and other local adults can join and often do. The college may just be the epicenter for future growth of the Knights.

My council, at least, tries hard to get community involved in what we do. We have the benefit of a pretty tight-knit Newman Center and Parish but it seems we’re able to get the community interacting with us and one another. I did just join this year and I have much to learn, though. I’m not a seasoned veteran of the Knights like some other posters here.

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Friend, did you not read your own link? It literally goes on how Jesus’ Church forbids anyone to become a Freemason, and than it goes how it is only recently that relations have turned friendly (since Vatican II). Much like how relations with Jews and Muslims have turned friendly. Nothing about how the KoC and the Masons are intertwined as if the KoC is a spinoff of the Masons.

Ironically, the link tells a blatant lie and says the Freemasons don’t interfere in politics or Jesus’ Church.

From its beginnings in the Middle Ages, it has been a landmark of Ancient Craft Masonry to forbid Lodges and Masons from interfering with churches, governments, and other organizations and societies, to discuss their affairs, or to act officially concerning them.

But than there is the Alta Vendita which is a Freemasonic document that explicitly states how they are going to interfere in the matters of Jesus’ Church. Least we forget Freemasonry’s role in both the American and French Revolution as well.

So I would take everything your link says with a grain of salt, friend.


I see a lot of replies from people who are 3rd or 4th degree knights. Can someone explain this to me?

There is pressure in my parish for young men to join the Knights of Columbus and would like more information than what is on their website.

The degrees themselves are just affirmations of the faith, each pertaining to one of the 4 virtues of our Catholic Knighthood:

  1. Charity
  2. Unity
  3. Fraternity
  4. Patriotism

I can’t spoil the details of what happens during the degree ceremonies, but what I can tell you is each ceremony just reaffirms Church teaching and makes you reflect on how strong your faith is in Jesus Christ.

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