Are you a more traditional or less traditional Catholic than your parents?

I was visiting my mom last week and the topic came up of our personal preferences for mass. Mom and my late father were devout Catholics, Mom still is, but she and I are so different in our Church preferences.

So, are you a more traditional or less traditional Catholic than your parents? I am thinking specifically about the differences in mass preferences, contraception, obedience to the Vatican, etc. Maybe traditional isn’t the right word but I hope you understand my question.

I was unaware that in regards to birth control, or obedience we had a choice equal to “which mass do you like.”

Hmm… I think perhaps I wasn’t clear and I apologize for any confusion. Just to be clear, my DH and I do not use birth control and neither has my mom, nor do we (to the best of my knowledge) disobey the Vatican. I just couldn’t think of the right words to convey my message. It seems like a lot of people on these boards are more obedient to the Church than their parents are. Many posters comment that their mother/father have encouraged them to use birth control, or have expressed their belief that the poster is a bit fanatical in his/her beliefs because they adhere to the teachings of the Church.

In my particular case, my mother is a good, prayerful, go-to-church-everyday kind of a person, but we disagree on things like liturgical dancers, hand-holding at mass, etc. When I discuss things like this with her, she usually says I need to loosen up. She is also opposed to the Latin Mass, which I would love to attend.

I obviously wouldn’t want to classify this as good Catholic/bad Catholic, because my mom is a good Catholic, she just is a bit more “liberal?” and accepting of newer traditions and practices.

Again- I apologize if this implied something that wasn’t intended.

My mom thinks she*** is*** the pope, and my father is her trusty curia. Together, they “write” more crazy law than ever existed in the Catholic Church- ever. Yet, they refuse to receive any catechesis or attend adult classes because “we did that when we were kids”. I have no idea how my father reverted, except through the confessional and private classes with a priest for confirmation. Some of Mom’s “encyclicals” on divorce and tribunals are just plain off the wall, not to mention her defense of the civil marriage (so you can marry later on in the Church after you get a divorce).

So, I tend to think we are just a tad more traditional here.:cool:

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