Are you a nun? I want to interview you :D


Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve been having a lot of vocation-related anxiety lately. I know it shouldn’t be something that should cause a constant knot in my stomach but…it kind does for some reason.

So, I wanna know about you!

Here are some questions I have:

  1. What order are you?

  2. Why did you choose this order?

  3. Favorite book?

  4. T.V. show? Movie?

  5. Favorite kind/s of music?

  6. Favorite game?

  7. Favorite hobbies?

  8. Favorite food?

  9. Favorite prayers?

  10. Favorite saint?

Maybe by answering these quesions it may calm some of my fears regarding the religious life.

I have OCD and it’s been really hard to pray and disern what I should do next. Whatever vocation I end up choosing, I want to be an artist. That I know for sure.
One fear I do have is that I feel called to write a certain story. Would becoming a nun hinder this calling? Would I have to get permission? That sort of thing. Can I write stories that are just for fun? I have many good ideas for other stories and I don’t like the idea of keeping them bottled up forever.

Any advise regarding disernment is appreciated. Please pray for me.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


I know a nun. If you can’t find anybody, I’ll be sure to show this to her :slight_smile:


If you get stuck for answers, try sending a private request to JReducation (Brother Jay is a very wise Franciscan Monk). He may be able to help. Okay, I know he isn’t a nun but he probably knows a few and at the very least he can give some guidance on discerning a vocation.

Alternatively, you could consider going on a short retreat or a discernment week (or weekend) and get some solid face to face advice.


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