Are you a violent person?


I choose "violent thought, non-violent behavior"
I also wonder if “non-violent thought, violent behavior” is a possibility but at least it’s a combination.


I think we all have a “dark side”. How we project is another matter. We are all called to self control and self responsibility. It can be a struggle. When I read of a “crime of passion”, I always think, “there but for the grace of God go I”.
We can also be violent with what comes from our mouths. Like I said, a constant struggle.


I don’t think that I usually have violent thoughts, so I put non violent throught, non violent actions. I am not saying that there aren’t moments when I feel hostile, but I just rarely wish to harm anyone.



Violent thought and violent action. You gotta problem wit dat?:slight_smile:


[quote=Black Jaque]Violent thought and violent action. You gotta problem wit dat?:slight_smile:

He!%, yeah! C’mon, ya wanna piece of me???:smiley: Kidding!


Mess with my Java Chip ice cream and you’ll see a whole new side of me…


[quote=Black Jaque]Violent thought and violent action. You gotta problem wit dat?:slight_smile:

Ummm, Mr. Jaque sir?

Begging your considerable pardon, but could your vote have been, well, a hanging chad? I do not wish to think you may have been disenfranchised.

Not that I have a problem with it, mind you. I’m your friend. Yeeess, frieeend. Right?





Serenity to accept the thing you can not change, the Courage to change the thing you can & the Wisdom to know the difference!

Environment, Character, upbringing, personality, faith, values all play a part in who you are & How you will react.

Contol & understanding your emotions & your triggers is the key to how you will or won’t handle a giving situation.



Violent thoughts non violent actions. I always have violent thoughts especially when listening to liberals speak :mad:

Or when seeing these radical Muslim clerics being allowed to spew their hate in American Mosks and other places.


Hear! Hear!

Speaking as a certified Overly Emotional Person who has worked for understanding and control of emotions for several years and is now at complete peace amid some fairly “serious” situations, I agree it can be done. If it isn’t done, then eventually testing will expose the impurity.




Are you a violent person?

No, certainly not!

But the people that I beat up might think I am …


I didn’t think I had closet violent tendencies, but then I was over at CERC the other day and they had an article that implies that loving movies with lots of explosions in them was a strike against me, so who knows?

CERC=CatholicEducator’sResourceCenter, I’d link to the article, but I can’t find it.


I never think of myself as a violent person, but some really thoughtless and heartless folks really makes me want wish I could knock some sense into them…

Aggressive drivers really drive
me nuts, especially tail gaters and folks who cut me off making for unnecessary dangerous situations for both of us.

Also the terrorists and criminals who torture their victims or kill and maim needlessly, makes me wish they would bring back cruel and unusual punishments.

Not that I’m any kind of saint, but it’s a good thing I’m not God, because I would not be very lenient on cruel or vicious criminals.

I think I control my anger much better now, but as a kid there were a few times, I would never think of doing now.

Luckily I never really injured anyone seriously and I never used a weapon against anyone. I did get into a couple of fights as a kid and thankfully I learned from that. Now I only get iinto arguments and even those are extremely rare.

Some folks can get really crazy in this day and age, :whacky: so it is best to be a devout coward. There are too many nutcases out there with knives and guns, so it is best to be really humble and let the real nutcases have their way.

I do a pretty good job of letting my anger stay inside, so I may think of strangling some nutcase, but I never act on it. :nope:


Not sure. :confused: :confused:


I’m not violent, and if anyone says I am, I’ll break his nose.


I’m not a violent person, but I admit to having thought of taking a shotgun (if I had one) and blasting out the speakers on our local ice cream truck so I could once and for all put an end to its insipid, annoying music.


I’ve never done anything violent. Not much makes me think violently except when people hurt or try and take advantage of weaker people, especially women and children.

Let’s just say I’d love to charitably help them enter into a little redemptive suffering.


…Only when I beat the cxxp out of someone who deserves it. Does that qualify?

Peace (most of the time)


Naw not really only when I get mad at someone. But most of the time I’m a cool person.


I’m a simple guy, who prefers simple direct solutions to a problem. Much of the time, this means I am very pro-death penalty for those that deserve it (particularly child molestors & rapists). Someone pushes me around, or treats my family unfairly, and I want to introduce their face to Mr. Asphalt. I have enough restraint to keep me out of jail, but I swear that if anybody hurts my wife, or my (future) kids there won’t be any mercy offered…

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