Are you a violent person?


I think I just feel more violent than I really am. I have gotten much better over the years, though


What was the point of this excersize anyway?

I reread my response and realized that when I posted it I meant it in jest, but now I think it more true.

What’s the problem with being violent? The real problem is lack of self-mastery.

It’s actually possible to think clearly in the heat of the moment. It takes training, but that’s what childhood is all about. A man who tears up a cereal box that won’t open properly actually can live an entire life without abusing his wife or children. How is this possible? He knows the difference between a cereal box and his family. He knows that in some cases it’s better to vent frustrations and in other cases its better to bear them and vent them elsewhere, more appropriately.

I love to go to the shooting range with a box full of pop cans. I fill them with water and blast away. They explode when hit. A simple .22 with hollow point bullets is enough to make a dramatic splash. I take my children with. They know what real guns do vs. what Hollywood makes 'em out to be.

I’d rather live in a world full of violent people who possess self-mastery, than in a world full of lovey-doveys who lack self-mastery. The poorly disciplined lovey-dovey types seem to be doing more violence through abortion, than all the gunslingers of this nation by more than an order of magnitude!

Lives lost to abortion - >800,000/year

Lives lost to gun violence - 40,000/year


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