Are you afraid of bugs

Are you afraid of them? I am a bit. Whenever I see a bug in my home and its not a fly or something small, I am afraid to kill it or take it out. Im not even getting close to wasps if they are in. I fear of being bitten or stung because I am afraid that I would miss a hit and they would get angry. Whenever I see bugs outside that are close to me, I feel cringy. How to overcome this fear? Its not helping because Im 19 yo male and I shouldnt fear them.

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I’m scared of spiders :spider:

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They are, too.
They’re not insects, but they’re bugs.

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Nope. With one exception, I am terrified of butterflies and moths. I can pickup a spider and gently relocate it outside, but, butterflies give me the heebegeebies

A friend of mine once got bitten by a Praying Mantis. If I ever see one of those in the wild, I’ll be sure to steer clear of it.

The Hebrew word for a praying mantis translates literally as “Solomon’s camel”. I have sometimes wondered whether this might possibly be the “camel” Jesus had in mind in the saying about the eye of a needle, and also in the saying about straining at a gnat. Accidentally swallowing a mantis would be an experience you’d remember for the rest of your life, but it wouldn’t be an absolute impossibility, like swallowing a dromedary. The key fact that I haven’t been able to verify is whether the word had already entered the language in the early first century AD.


I’ll answer you with a little story. First you have to picture me; a 240 pound lifetime weightlifter who scares children and small dogs just by smiling at them. Now to the story; Some years ago I was in the doctor’s office for a very minor bit of surgery. As the nurse approached me with the local anesthetic and began tapping the needle I turned my head away and took an audibly deep breath. She said, “Oh come on, you look like a big tough guy”. I just said, “You lock me in a room with a wasp and you’ll see how tough I am”.


I have a fear of spiders!

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I don’t like stinging or biting insects. I was more afraid of bees and wasps when I was younger. Now I know they’re mostly minding their own business, but I still avoid them. I’ve never been stung, but a doctor told me I’m likely allergic, since I’ve had extreme reactions of swelling to other insect bites. When spiders come in the house, I have no trouble trapping them with a glass and releasing them outside.


Any creature that is in my house that isn’t a family member, pet, or guest is cause for alarm and most likely fear for me. Anything outside doesn’t usually bother me except mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are evil…don’t ask me to support the theology of my assessment…I’m just sure they’re evil.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My kids are afraid of butterflies. We went to a butterfly exhibit a while ago and they’ve acted as if I brought them to a reenactment of “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock.

My son explains he’s grossed out that they could land on him.

I like them, I feel like they are flying flowers.

Moths on the other hand are creepy. My mother would not let us kill them, because she thought they were manifestations of St. Anthony. Not sure why she thought that.

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I usually catch them in a jar and take them outside
spider butterfly bee

My granddaughter qualified in environment and conservation biology because of her exposure to my love of all visible creatures, with a caveat on crocodiles, sharks, and snakes,
but don’t anyone talk to me about any threat of unwelcome skin fauna. I go nowhere without medical wipes.

Lock my poor darling hubbly in a room with a nurse with a needle … no wildlfe required!


Praying Mantis females eat their mates during mating, so no mercy expected for mere humans!


I don’t mind bugs and spiders and snakes any more…my heart doesn’t jump with suprise or fright like it used to coming across them in the garden.
Centipedes and scorpions are taking me a little while to come around to,our centipedes are just a bit yikky :grimacing:
I won’t post an image,but they are flat and shiney and become aggressive and I really don’t like seeing the hens eat them as they are usually 10 cm long …

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It sort of depends on the type. I’m OK with butterflies, most moths, bees, ladybugs, lovebugs, gnats, and fireflies. That’s not counting some of the other smaller, harmless bugs I encounter but don’t know the names of. I’m also OK with some spiders, and millipedes are OK if not a bit icky. Strangely, I’m OK with mosquitos so long as there’s no threat of malaria, and I don’t mind most ants.

Anything else and I’m not comfortable. Larger and/or dangerous spiders are no-no, and even the cellar spider is creepy, though that one is manageable. Praying mantises are somewhat scary, and wasps, hornets, and horse flies are the things of nightmares. Ticks and fire ants also freak me out.

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I’m really not afraid of any particular bugs. I just don’t like most of them.

But not to fear them? Right now my parents can help but after I move out and find a wasp or bug in my flat, I dont know what I will do.

Some bugs are ok…



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