Are you afraid to die’


After reading a tread about ‘are you afraid to die’. I’m in my upper age teenager years but I’m so scared of dying what might happen me in the next world …i might end up in hell or Purgatory . I go only sometime go to mass. I do the rosary every night with other prayers . and once I took a asthma attack in the night when I sat up in my bed I was not breathing and I didn’t have my inhaler I tried everything in order to get my breath however by breath was gone for only one minute that one minute I was thinking it time for me to die!!. What should I do ??? I’m so scared what might happen if I take another one and it might kill me. Any advice on prayer or ways in stop worrying



You are going to die and you cannot change that. However, you can change how you live your life now. Christ told us never to worry about the future, and focus on the present because today has enough problems of it’s own. Live in the now and deepen your spiritual life.


No one escapes death. We will all die. We don’t know when. The alternative to fear is trusting in God’s mercy. You are choosing to be afraid. You can choose to not be afraid. Jesus commands us “Be not afraid”. Fear causes spiritual paralysis. It paralyzes the soul and prevents the soul from doing what it is made to do spiritually. Have courage. Live your life in grace and holiness and you will never be afraid.

Saint Paul wrote that perfect love casts aout all fear. Love and fear can not exist in the same place, in the same soul. If you love God and your neighbor there will be no place in your soul that fear can exist. Keep praying and everything will be fine.


GO TO MASS! Recieve the Sacraments! Give your life to God and just wait for the benefits. If you do these things then you will never have to fear death because that would just be the moment in time you enter eternal life to be with our Blessed Lord. God Bless!:thumbsup:


we are all going to die, we do not now how, where or when, so we are always prepared to face judgement. Do not fear death, fear mortal sin. and fear facing a judge who will ask you, did you feed Me when I was hungry? clothe me when I was naked? If you are faithful with Mass and the sacraments, pray, read and follow the word of God, and adhere to the teachings of the Church, and conduct your life in that manner, you will have little to fear.


The closer your relationship with God, the more you are not afraid to die. God bless u


I think its pretty normal for teens to feel the way you do. I def do, and I’ve talked to some friends about it and they’re the same way. We also fear the death of friends, sibs, parents, the kids in 3rd world countries who pass on every second, etc. Just fear of death in general. So you’re not the only one. :wink: But like everyone already said- live it up Jesus style, and Trust in God’s plan for your life. He’s got you covered.


Saint Faustina’s diary should help you out :wink:


Dear Brady. Those in your generation, are “hope” for the future of the Catholic Church, and the world. The present generation is getting so many things wrong. I have great hope for the future, though God’s “working” in young people, such as yourself.

It’s a good thing that you pray the Rosary. Keep doing it. Also, start getting to Sunday Mass on a regular basis. Receive the Sacraments of Confession (Reconciliation) and the Eucharist, as often as possible. Therein lies the Love of God, which He graciously wishes to give to each of us.

You are young. Most of your life is before you. God has a job for each one of us to do… while we’re here. It is true… that none of us will escape death. But try to keep in mind… that if you have truly attempted to follow Our Lord, and to serve Him… throughout your life… death… is only the beginning of Eternal Life. It is the promise of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

“Do not be afraid, for I am with you” (Gen. 26:24)


Thanks for the reply, just wondering people who are suffering from cancer and want to see the next world (heaven) should the refuse to take the cancer treatment or not. If you didn’t are you rejected any of Jesus wish’s. Just wondering because I know of a number of people who died from cancer and how it has now Sadly (i don’t have cancer thnx god)


Just always remember, at the end of the day, all that matters is your relationship with people. Be kind, be courteous, help others, stay strong, and most importantly, don’t scare yourself. :wink:

I actually remember a certain event that happen on some website… it told my uncle that I was going to die in a car accident in 2013. I don’t really believe in it because it may or may not happen. I always knew that our lives had limits, but never had I realized how real that limit was until then.

I don’t think it’s Death that scares, it’s just Time that sucks.

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood


But what you must go through before you die…If I take another serious asthma attack I only have minute to react. Because it only within minutes before you could be death. It’s horrible and hateful having no air coming into your mount. I’m a scared that the problem may even get worrier by heart problem etc before you can even died It’s scary and it’s not right our Jesus making people suffer from cancer and more serious problems before they died


Your question about whether to refuse a medical treatment falls into the area of moral theology. People can refuse treatment in some cases when the chances of recovery are low and the treatment is extreme. So for example if a person was over 90 years old and had kidney failure and could live longer with a kidney transplant this could be refused. If a thirty year old with four children had a skin cancer that could be treated by removing it then there would be an obligation to do the procedure. It is a very complex area now that medical science can do extreme things to keep people alive.


“Are you afraid to die?”

Yes and no. I love life. I love working for the Lord. Nonetheless, when it’s time, I’ll feel relieved that this phase of the struggle is over.


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