Are you all insane?

You know what really gets me about abortion? It’s is how they set up abortion clinics blocks away from high schools. I remember a friend of mine and his girlfriend having me drive them to Planned Parenthood for “counseling” and condoms. I was unaware of the nature of such facilities. It only latter occurred to me what had prompted these visits and it troubles me that it was such a secret. The guilt that is felt from such shameful things was evident in their relationship.

The state of things is not how I would want it or you would want it and I think we agree that if it was how either of us wanted it, it would be a lot better than it is now.

Religion, all religons, religious teachings, doctrines, scripture, etc. etc. are all opposed to abortions, eugenics and other disregards for God’s will.

So how come it’s legal (where applicable)? Less then half of the US doesn’t believe in God?

Here is the trouble, I’ll tell you. You are doing the work of the politicians for them (instead of whos?). Instead of them selling the whole shebang, they are pinning down the whole church (those who actually still listen to what you say) on one or two little things that are of no political consequence. Make them sell it. Make them take it out and show it to you. But don’t touch it because if you break it, you buy it.

But by all means denounce abortion. Denounce fornication. I think you’d get more flies with honey than you would with vinegar on the condom issue (and that’s not to say that the church should be so adamint on something that is never really discussed in scripture and at the sametime condon similar behavior disregarding the very same never really discussed concept really only because a different yet more solidified concept is at work for the first issue and to deal with that would be a real can of worms. I think you are trying to speak in too many languages and what you say becomes to simplified and noun oriented but this is not the issue).

The quaran (sp?) says, and I paraphrase, ‘We threw one bloody body at Solomons feet and he repented.’ Give me a body.

to whom are you addressing your remarks and suggestions?

Well,, EWTN etc. have voting propaganda. In essence this is encouraging the straight Republican ticket. I don’t mean to single out one party but the GOP has been the primary benefactor of this. Political parties do what they do professionally. They will feed false information, hyped information, misleading information to any and all voters if they think they can get away with it. When the don’t they don’t even bat an eye, they just keep feeding the same lines as if nothing happened and if you weren’t watching, you missed it. They have sales people who go to various community leaders, especially religious leaders, and push their party not unlike drug companies do with doctors.

So this is to the voters, the Catholic church and the holy see. Not to mention who ever it is who is in charge of putting these things on the internet and television. There are a number of Christians out there who would greatly benefit from the Catholic church but are quick to discount it based upon things like this. The American government has touted the separation of church and state and people believe in this. The Catholic church does not object – but oh, yeah vote republican in November if you are a good Catholic? Nobody is so stupid as to not know their right from their wrong and if they are I’m sure they will ask if they really want to know and would be willing to listen. There are phonies all over the place anymore, I’d like for religion to have a little more tact. Jews are calling the church a fraud. There are people who will never denounce the church. Most people in fact will never say that God is dead. They continue to concider themselves Catholic for identity reasons, tradition. Who is going to say I don’t have a church I could go to on Christmas eve or to be married or buried? Most are going to see problems with the church. Maybe the church is ceremonial anymore. Ornamental.

And the sex abuse scandals is no small thing to overcome. The church is very large and it is unfortunate that these thing come out all at once like this. If it hurt the GOP any its only for for what it did to the church. The media play this up nationally where they otherwise do not report. And the church is in part responsible for the hysteria. Hysteria comes to no good end. More conservative laws are not going to do anything but make smarter criminals, that is to say that the laws aren’t there in the first place. Ministering to prisoners makes more pious prisoners. God does not like sinners, criminals, prisoners as much as he does not like victims. To even entertain these things is abandon the post.

As to the body – anyone who will tell me I’m wrong. But take what he gives me and rejoice only that he is God.

Gee, thanks for clearing that up. :confused:

You might want to organize your thoughts into some concise points. This post reads like incoherent rambling.

I think what you are trying to say is that there are a lot of Catholics who are not devout - [agreed.]

Some members of the Church endorse Republican candidates, and this violates separation of Church and State - [that is nonsense. The reason Republicans receive overwhelming endorsements is their pro-life stance]

Some politicians are disengenuous regarding their pro-life views - [sure, but a most are pro-life to a degree…not all pro-lifers agree on all items]

Then there is something about sex scandals in the Church linked to the GOP and it’s all the Church’s fault and ministering to criminals doesn’t have any value… :confused: :whacky:

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