Are You allowed to Contact......?

Am I allowed to contact Churches if they have e-mail , and they are not really informed about Catholicism? Like this “fundamentalist” baptist Church has a website that are false stuff. And the minister has e-mail.

Only if you know EXACTLY what you are talking about.

Forgive me, but the way you phrased your question makes me suspect you are not the one to initiate any discussion of apologetics with that site.

If you really feel prepared to get very deep into church writings, history, then you certainly could try to dialogue with them. IMHO its best to just ignore them. There are glaring historical errors on this page, and people who are comfortable to print things that off are not prepared to listen to reason. You’ll just end up frustrating yourself and taking on more stress than you can handle. I would highly advise praying for them though. That is the most powerful tool we have.

I would just ignore this guy. He is not open to the truth and you would just start an argument that will go nowhere. :shrug:

Oh, b/c of the grammatical errors? LOL

Yea, I think I will pray for this church instead. I just get high blood pressure from reading these types of stuff. It really frustrates me.

Hi Tony. I recommend reading this blog.

It belongs to a former fundamentalist pastor who reverted to the Catholic faith. He is a member of this forum who would offer the best answers for you about what you want to do. He is happy to talk about the subject and his experience as a fundamentalist preacher. His CAF name is JustaServant.:slight_smile:

Ok. Thanks.

Have you ever got into a discussion\debate with a “Born Again, JW, Morman,”, etc… about their beliefs and Catholic beliefs? I have. Here is some good advice, know your Bible! They will be coming fully charged when getting into a discussion about The Catholic Church. Also, know their arguments and know the history of the Catholic Church! Know about the “Rapture” and “Scripture Only”. Another very important piece of information, go to these links and READ THEM AND STUDY THEM AND STUDY THEM!

If you found something in what I have posted you may not be ready. Pay attention to the Chick tracts link. These questions often come up in a discussion.

I agree with the other individuals who posted about their “Blood boils”. It will! There is a good Bible cheet Sheet that Catholic Answers sells about how you can defend the Catholic Church through Bible verses. Chick here Order the Beginning Apologetics series and you will get it free. It shows what verses the Protestant’s use against the Catholic Church and what verses to use to defend the Catholic Church. This has helped me numerous of times in discussions that I have gotten into debates with.

Hi Tony. Yes, that’s my blog. :slight_smile:
Unless you can handle the kind of immature, hateful responses you will get, I would stay away. I have found it better when people approach me with questions that are coming from a genunine interest, rather that a person who feels they alreadly have all the answers and are simply setting out to convert you.
CA is a great place to debate BECAUSE it is heavily moderated.

Talk to a priest or spiritual advisor before embarking on any crusades to correct error.

Thnk you for responding Jim. If anyone could know both sides of the kind of encounter Tony was considering it would be you.

I also looked at the site. They are radical KJV-onlyists, meaning they are pretty much ‘out there’ even for the fundamentalist world. It’s very cult-like and would be a complete waste of time to converse with them.

Some classics from that site

Catholics believe that by taking or participating in these sacraments, salvation is “infused” into a person through these works. (Infusion is what happens when a tea bag comes in contact with boiled water. The tea in the teabag infuses into the water, changing the plain hot water into a hot cup of "tea

There are many other differences between Catholics and Baptists. Nevertheless, despite these differences, there are many New Evangelicals, such as Billy Graham, the late Jerry Falwell, and Rick Warren who have encouraged a spirit of cooperation between Catholics and Baptists. Nevertheless, throughout their history, Baptists have always taught the doctrine of “Biblical Separation” from the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, such Bapticatholics as Billy Graham, Rick Warren and other such New Evangelicals have departed from this historic Baptist doctrine and are now teaching a new doctrine associated with The Ecumenical Movement.

The Late Jerry Falwell

One day, most Baptists, (those who were never really “Born Again”), and Catholics will be united together under this “Ecumenical Movement” as it turns into the Great Whore of Revelation Chapter 17. This Great Whore will then help to promote the rise of the “Antichrist” to power. This joining together of world religions in preparation for the Great Whore and for the rise of The Antichrist is the direction that this Ecumenical Movement is taking most churches today, including most Baptist churches and the Roman Catholic Church.

And of course the great whore gets several mentions to round things out

Yes, I have actually…but those encounters were on myspace, with immature Protestants who kept going on to a different question. I answered them, but they never took the time to read my first answer in the first place! LOL

I am still reading your blog…I started yesternight. LOL

What ‘Just a Servant’ said.:thumbsup:

well they at least got the great whore bit in in the last paragraph.

well im off to worship statues and offer up prayers to jerry falwell.

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