Are you at peace?


*Shalom *is a Hebrew word meaning “peace,” “wholeness,” and “completeness.”

*Diabolos *is a Greek word derived from the verb “diaballein” meaning “to throw apart” or “to separate.” The devil is diabolos.

When we allow the diabolos to separate our completeness and wholeness in Christ, we are not at peace.

Are you at peace?


E p i s t e m e s. :heart:
yes, i would definitely consider myself to be at peace. :slight_smile: a few weeks ago, i would have told you that i was mostly at peace, with some things continuing to trouble me. however, after my most recent spiritual depression that brought me much growth and hope and taught me so much, i have learned how to find joy and peace even in suffering, how to offer it up for love of Jesus and the good of the precious souls who need Him and how to find peace in every moment of my life. i definitely consider myself to be at peace, filled with hope and joy, and i praise and thank God for what He has taught me, and how He has strengthened me. :heart:

in the peace and love of Christ,
alison :heart:


I am not 100% assured of my salvation, therefore, I answered often at peace.


I have peace right now. I’m a bit sick and near bankrupt but I trust in the Lord and know he loves me and will help me so I have peace.


that is wonderful :slight_smile: I hope and pray that God will always keep this peace in your heart sister.


I consider myself to be at peace. I struggle with a lot of worry but God has been helping me find peace in Him through it all.


Indyann, I don’t think that we can be 100% sure of our salvation. We just have to trust in God’s infinite mercy. If we trust in Him and His grace, we would have peace :slight_smile:
God bless you.


Oh, I agree with what you have said. I am at peace. I just didn’t want anyone to equate “peace” with “once saved”:slight_smile:


oh I see! :slight_smile: sorry I misunderstood your post.


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