Are you celebrating Advent in a special way as a family?


Since our sons were little and now they are college age, we have always had an Advent calendar. This year it is especially difficult since we are all living in different towns. But everyday, we send each other an email linked to passage from Advent. How are you celebrating yours as a family?


Each night the children take turns lighting the advent candles. We read a passage from Luke (the Nativity narrative), say some prayers, reflect on the sacrifices and other good deeds we’ve done to prepare our hearts, minds, and souls for Jesus’ coming. Then, we complete our Advent calendar for that day. One of the children will then play the piano, and we will sing some Christmas songs ( I know. I know. They should be ADVENT songs, but gosh, we love Christmas songs soooooo much!:o ) We’ve carried on this tradition since we first adopted our daughter almost 12 years ago!!!


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