Are you embarrassed to have ashes on your forehead?


I remember getting ashes when I was a kid and feeling very special. I went around all day looking at people and thinking “I’m Catholic and I guess you aren’t because I don’t see any ashes on your forehead.”


That’s hilarious!


If Muslim women can cover their heads, and Sikhs can wear their turbans, and Hindi women can display their red third eye…all somewhat common sights in any major Western city… why can’t Catholics wear ashes?
If you’re in a small white fundamentalist Protestant town you’ll stick out I guess…


Don’t want 'em. They’ll be rubbed on my head tomorrow, no doubt, and then I’ll immediately wipe them off.
(It’s a high school Mass; everybody gets the ashes.)


I thnk it’s interesting that it’s such a big day of the year. Is it true that Christmas Easter Catholics go to get ashes? I guess maybe they need them more. :smiley:




I think I hate dealing with my MIL but now my wife has converted I guess I’m less inclined to give a crap what she thinks.

I’m not sure I would go to the grocery store or work with ashes maybe the McDonald’s drive through for a fish fillet.


Great photo


I,personally cant wait…i want to feel embarrassed by people looking at me!


Wish I could get to a morning mass before work to get em but can’t go til evening


No. In fact, we have a competition as to who can keep it on the longest.


Since It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m thinking of handing a note to make it heart shaped please Lol!


Dear Son of Barry,
How’s your faith in God? Do you have an overwhelming love of Jesus and TRINITY. There comes a time when the reality of our faith is wonderful and personal. When you are there, you wear your ashes proudly.
In Christ’s love,


Not at all. I also don’t see it as a sign of humility in any way, rather just simply a sign of being Catholic. If I were muslim I wouldn’t be embarrassed about wearing a turban (it is muslims who wear those right?) so why would I be embarrassed by a little ash? Having ashes on ones forehead on ash Wednesday is far more common than that example anyways and I always see doctors, professors, children, police officers, and any other class of people with them as well all day long.


Depends on you and the situation. If you wear the ashes proudly in front of friends family certainly a good thing. If your a politician named Biden who is pro abortion along with many other issues, getting ashes on your forehead to ‘get some votes’ by showing how ‘irish catholic’ he is then that might cause some eye rolls.


I turned up at a churches together meeting with the ash, and it caused a few comments from my non Catholic brothers and sisters.


Never embarrassed.

If my pastor is the one imposing the ashes, I don’t even need to ask. Father’s Revenge for me, year after year :stuck_out_tongue:


I wear my ashes proudly and yes, I take photos every year that I receive them.


Sadly we don’t have that tradition here, the priest just pours them on our heads, but I wouldn’t be ashamed, even if I received the looks.


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