Are You Familiar With Angel Food Ministries?


My parish is one of the very very few in the state to work in conjunction with Angel Food Ministries…they operate out of Geogia under the direction of a secular husband and wife ministry…with their help, we provide a box of groceries valued at over $60 in average for the cost of $25. The food is good, and the menu changes monthly. The groceries also arrive on refridgerated trucks…I would like to know if anyone has heard whether or not their profits fund any anti-catholic politics. In the end, we service many many needy households and it’s a great way to save money on your grocery bill but that wouldn’t be a good reason to continue if we’re supporting non-catholic agendas. However, all the reports and news we’ve heard to date have been positive. However, if no contrary information exists, then you might want to consider this work of mercy. Any information provided is appreciated.


The only thing I’ve ever heard of them is from a Lutheran minister whose previous congregation was involved with them. He spoke very highly of the organization, although I know that doesn’t answer your question. :wink:


From their website’s FAQ:

Once you become a host site Angel Food Ministries donates $1 per regular unit sold to the host churches benevolent fund. Since its inception, Angel Food Ministries has contributed over $12 million into host benevolence funds

It is possible that some of those host churches are anti-Catholic. Tracking that would be very difficult, and I don’t think that it is worth trying since they are feeding the poor. Another point is that they are not listed at the following websites:

The only reason I bring that up is that charities listed on these sites post their financial information so that you can see how much money goes to administration, “marketing”, and to the poor.


thanks much for the links!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


From what I understand, Angel Food buys food at a discount from various sources, then, sells this food at a deep discount via distrobution at various Churches. Not a traditional charity - but, they provide a good service, a step between the food pantry and the grocery store.


Angel Foods is non-denominational. Out here many of the different church’s including our Catholic parish’s use them. We have gotten food from Angel Foods and it is very good food and you get a big box full of it. Definitely recommend using them if you need them. Another good thing about them is you can donate the food to someone in need. So even if you don’t need the food for yourself, for $25 you can donate food to someone else.

Here is their official website. If you want to find out were they are located in your area click on your state and it will bring up a list of locations.


I just always thought they didn’t really make any money because they were selling the food for so little money. I suppose they do need to have some for operating costs, though. That’s a good question, sorry I can’t help, either.


They need to have some income whether it be from grants and so on think of the employees for the nonprofit that have to be paid, taxes, travel expenses, and so on.


We use Angel Food for the majority of our groceries every month. For about $120, my standup freezer gets mostly full. That’s a great deal for our large family. I’m so grateful for their help. We’ve been buying a second $25 package to take to my in-laws. I couldn’t help them out like that without Angel Food. I wish our church participated. I would rather see our St Vincent de Paul society get the donation, and I wouldn’t feel like I was cheating on my church by going to the protestant church near us that is a delivery site. :o


that’s what we do here at our church. we donate any left over boxes to our st. vincent de paul pantry. our church is the first catholic church to participate here and i for one am so glad for it. Likewise, my family has saved much money especially now during these summer months. Unfortunately, we don’t receive as much support from other parishes in our diocese as was anticipated. we can’t seem to figure out why… so we’re still operating at somewhat of a “grass roots” level. we consider our association with AFM to be a works of mercy and I know that we’ll continue to offer the groceries as long as our Lord gives us the strength and volunteers to do it all with…:thumbsup:


I have dont used it. It is realy great. It has hepl me when i use it I would spend $50 for two packs. and then every two week i spend $40 at the store. Now i have not got a packe in about 2 months and I still have lot of chicken left. I realy wish that our catholic churches would start something like this.


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