Are you forgiven for a sin if you forget to mention it?

Ive only been going to confession over the past few months, before that it was probably around 13 years.

When I go to confess I sometimes find it difficult to recall every sinful thing i have done and confess the ones that stood out to me or that i was more aware of. Or once i get home i would all of a sudden remember another thing I wanted to confess

I know at the end of confessions you say something a long the lines of ‘for these sins, and all the sins i have commited, i am truly sorry’

Does that cover me for the sins that slipped my mind while confessing?

While at Confession if you genuinely forget some sins they are also forgiven. However, if you subsequently remember them then you must mention them at your next Confession.

This. (With emphasis added that the second part applies to grave sins.)

If you go to Confession and honestly forget to confess a sin then you are forgiven of it. If you deliberately leave it out then you are not forgiven of any of the sins that you confess. I think that in cases where you forget to confess a sin, you should just mention it the next time that you confess.

For mortal sins yes one needs to mention them in the next confession.

Jimmy Akin - senior Apologist at CA:

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