Are you just a Sunday-morning Catholic?

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Good article and probably a very good book!

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I was until I submitted to the Holy Spirit. Everything changed after that.

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Currently, I consider myself a Sunday Afternoon-Progressively Social Conservative-Dogmatic Catholic. I feel that I could be on the Traditional Spectrum of Worship.

I may or may not identify as an owl :owl: at times… :thinking:


You are an owl stuck inside the body of a fruity holiday pastry?


I’m still trying to figure out my identity… Don’t judge :angry:

The closest way to describe my situation is that I’m a man who feels like a holiday cake that desires to be an owl :pouting_man:t2::birthday: :owl:


Do you get triggered when people make fruitcake jokes on the holidays?

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The Holidays are very difficult :confused: I avoid parties…


If our Priest took the time to even set apart 1 to 2 minutes and the end of each Sunday homily inviting us to have a real life personal encounter with Christ and live a Spirit filled life, Sunday only Catholics would be less common.


My life would be a lot sadder if I was a Sunday-morning only Catholic.


I’m actually a Saturday evening Catholic myself…

Except for today. I’ll be a Sunday morning Catholic tomorrow.

Yeah but

What flavour

And are you icecream, mud, sponge, fruit, or something reactionary

I used to be one. Sunday Christian we call it. We go to mass on Sundays to fulfill our obligation.

The other six days, we are just like any other people - the non-Christians. We gossiped, we were worldly, materialistic and quarrelsome. We judged people, we did not give to the poor. We told dirty jokes, got drunk, went to night clubs, and quarrelled among ourselves.

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