Are YOU listening ?

I live in a very large Archdiocese. Even though a CATHOLIC Radio Station has been on the air for more than a year and a half, far too many people, Catholics especially, don’t have a clue about it and the great value it could have in their day-to-day lives. The particular station is part of the Guadalupe Radio Network which in turn is affiliated with EWTN and other radio networks nationwide. The slogan “Listen and Learn” is totally appropriate and I can give lengthy testimony about this. Please join with me in “spreading the word” about Catholic Radio where YOU live !! Being a good Disciple of Christ is not really very difficult at all !!! :thumbsup:

WAOB 106.7 in my area is a wonderful catholic radio station. Bishops, priests, monks, rosaries, stations and much much more.:thumbsup:

We’re able to pick up two EWTN affiliates and two smaller, local, independent Catholic stations. I only listen to the one EWTN affiliate, but I tend to listen to it pretty regularly, especially if I’m in the car by myself. I’m really surprised by how few Catholics I know listen to it (virtually none). Most people I mention it to have never heard of it. The bulk of them look at me as though I just told them I wear a hairshirt and whip myself while reciting the Liturgy of the Hours after daily Adoration. Even some of the really devout ones–as in daily Mass, weekly Confession types–seem to have the attitude that just mentioning it makes you a little bit too Catholic. “Yeah, I say the Rosary every night, but I don’t associate with those Mother Angelica-listening Jesus freaks!” That might be a slight exaggeration, but you get my drift. I still mention it when it’s appropriate, but I’ve yet to snag any new listeners.

My thanks for all replies to my post. Sometimes I, and others, say “it’s not easy being Catholic”…which reminds me of a threadbare quotation: “Anything worth doing is never easy.” So often I also repeat these words, to myself and others, " I am just a worker in the vineyard " …and this view applies to spreading the word about oh-so-valuable Catholic Radio. Life on Earth is an endless parade of struggles. And the more we understand that our lives MUST follow God’s Will, not ours, the happier we all will be. Please everyone… do your part in being a good Disciple of Christ and help others become aware of Catholic Radio in every possible way. Oremus !! :signofcross: 1377Louis

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