Are you looking forward to the "American Idol" reboot on ABC?

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I hope they change the format.

These stupid auditions are a turn off.

Also when the contestants want solo singing careers why do they put them in groups to sing? Contestants get kicked out because they didn’t sing/fit well in a group.

The number one singing competition BY FAR is The Voice!

I can’t keep track of all the competition type shows. Not really my thing, but even if it was, I feel like American Idol has long since run it’s course.

Um, I can’t say that this video leaves me with a good feeling.

I like some things about these competition shows, but I hate the way some of them deliberately set some people up for humiliation early on. Anybody who makes it to TV had to get that far first. There is no reason other than ratings and money that the people whom America is going to laugh off the floor should have even been put on TV in the first place. Sure, on some of these shows, like America’s Got Talent, lots of the comic relief hopefuls seem to be in on the joke and are embracing it before they ever get on TV, and maybe that’s different. But there are some cases, especially on American Idol’s earlier seasons, where it really does seem like the contestants have been allowed or even encouraged to think they had serious talent just so their reaction would be more stubborn and dramatic when they were harshly insulted and made fun of on TV in front of millions of people.

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