Are You Ready For 24?

There will be a 2 hour premiere of 24 November 23rd! It’s called Redemption. Watch the trailer here Jon Voight is in the show this year. Season 7 starts in January. It’s been what a year or has it been 2 since it’s been on? Seems like a real long time, anyway. Politics are wearing me out, I’m ready for Jack!:popcorn:

YEAH !!! :thumbsup:

I, too, am tired of politics. And YES…gimmee Jack!


I’ll watch, but I expect to be very dissapointed.

They fired Joel Surnow who created the show for being conservative. They plan to to use this season [probably the last] to illustrate how much better off we’d be if ‘CTU’ were run by the ACLU.

I’m ready for 24…:yup: :popcorn:

Wow. I did not realize that. :hmmm: :cool:

Really? That’s too bad.

I don’t care if he IS a bad guy, but I hear Tony Almeida is coming back.


He was supposed to last season, but it was cancelled because of the strike. I don’t know if they will continue that story or if they have started a new one. Of course, now the actors want to strike, so we’ll see if we even get to the full season of “24”, but just in case…
I’m ready!

I’ll admit to being somewhat disappointed to the ending of season 6, but despite that, I’ve been going through 24 withdrawals since it went off the air. I’m totally pumped for the “movie” coming up on the 23rd.

I hope so:bounce: !!

yaa, me too.

Don’t forget 24 comes on this Sunday night at 8:00 eastern!!
Woo-Hoo:dancing: :popcorn:

Man, Jack is getting weak. He gave up the kids’ location way too early. I wonder what the guy was messaging to him with the mirror.

He didn’t give up the kids’ location. He saw his buddy out in the woods, so he told his captors that the kids were out there. When the militia went out there to round up the kids, his buddy ambushed, and killed them. Jack was just being Jack, he wasn’t weak at all.


Jack, weak? No way!:nunchuk:

Well, that is exactly what I thought until his friend came to untie him. Then Jack apologized to him for revealing their location (and he DID tell them exactly where the shelter was) mentioning that he was desperate.

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