Are you ready for some (Association) Football?!?

Just over six months until the draws start in South Africa for the World Cup.

It looks good for the U.S. as we start against three very surprising teams.

Slovenia, who ranks as the lowest of the European teams to make it.
Algeria, This will be a surprise match where Egyptians may even cheer for the U.S.
England, who should not be in the draw as they cheated to beat Ireland.

Not only this, but the Dutch, the Spanish, the Brazilians and the Italians are on the other side of the bracket so it should be a fairly straightforward trip to the semi finals.

U! S! A!

Only problem is that I do not have cable and regular TV does not usually carry soccer games. Maybe Telemundo or Galavision will be here by then!

:ehh: Not so. England qualified straight out of Group 6: Ireland were in Group 8 and came 2nd to Italy, qualifying for play-off matches against France. France won controversially 2:1 on aggregate.

NO NO! The English do NOT cheat. They just consistently lose in the quarter-finals on penalty kicks each World and EuroCup. The luck of the Irish ran out because a famous French forward made hand contact with the ball allowing the French winner over the Irish in qualifying.

Besides, both the Irish and English are coached by Italian coaches as neither country seems capable of producing a home-grown Gaffer. So it will be interesting to see how the Italian/English dynamic plays out. :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. one last World Cup the U.S. should have made the semi-finals had a German player not committed hand ball in stopping the U.S. from scoring.

I first root for my strong and native land - Canada,…but …Canada didn’t qualify.

O.K. so I root for the family homeland…but…Ukraine didn’t qualify. hmmmm

So now I root for …:confused: Which country is most adept and cunning at masking hand ball?

Being Australian, I’m glad we made it in again - hopefully we can go at least a bit better than our last campaign. Nice to see our Antipodean buddies New Zealand made it in too :thumbsup:

We play Germany first up, so my German-Aussie brother-in-law will be happy no matter who wins (or maybe sad?)

So sorry, you are right. It was the Frenchies who cheated. My apologies to the Brits, even though they use Mann U players and are thus evil.

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