are you struggling?

thought I’d start a thread on the struggling aspect of our Catholic faith. We all have to suffer and bear trials in life and our faith tells us that suffering and pain have redemptive value. How does this relate to seeking. Are you stuck with it(the struggle) or seeking…struggling that is. And if sola fide were true, does that mean struggling and seeking are non-issues? Struggling and seeking are things that demand activity and mental ascent to positive change and growth.Sola fide demands no activity per se, other than memorizing scripture verse. Comments?

As for struggling…I can’t say that I am really struggling with my faith in the truth of the Catholic church, but I am struggling. I am struggling to be patient and wait for God’s timing. Both in terms of marriage and a family and in the sense that I have some non-Catholic friends that I pray for every night, and at this point I am not seeing any outward results. I am also struggling with my prayer life. Hope that’s the kind of struggling you were looking for…

My biggest struggle is also with my prayer life. I have no struggle with church teachings (although don’t understand everything). I pray great in church, wish Mass could last all day. :thumbsup:

Once I get home though, it’s like Satan meets me at my door and tells me to stop talking with God. :eek:

It’s a constant struggle for me, as a recent convert from atheism, I have alot to learn about praying as it does not come natural for me.

I am sooooo in need of a spiritual director, but I seem to have trouble finding one. I’m not sure how to go about finding one though.

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