Are you the silent contemplative type?

when you pray, do you like absolute silence? i do. i love silence alot. i love the quiet of my home, the quiet time spent in prayer, the time at the church before Mass, where you can pray and feel totally at peace. considering my nature, iam surprised at myself sometimes. as some of you know, iam quite cranky, and the silence just really makes me mellow and peaceful.

iam thankful for those moments when i have where i can just let God to come right in and take over, and that seems to be happening alot more now that iam older. i am really able to focus on God, and His True Church, iam able to spend time with Him.

Iam not the silent type, not by a long shot, but iam working on it! sometimes i just sit there, look out at the sky and nature and feel absolute peace, even when iam really cranky. I can see God’s goodness, and that just makes me feel peaceful.

How does it work for you?

Indeed. My daytime prayers are with all distractions off, including radio. No music. Just cat purrs. In front of my kneeler is a small table with this icon…

It’s even better when I get back home from work after midnight, and the apartment complex is so quiet. I am considering moving more of my daily prayers to after midnight.

Yes, I love silence. This is one of the reasons I enjoy Eucharistic Adoration so much. A nearby church has a perpetual Adoration Chapel and it is always wonderfully quiet there and very peaceful. I often visit on my lunch hour.



I too love the silence to be closer to God without the world’s distractions. I’m retired, living alone, and am so grateful to finally be able to enjoy my time with God.

I really disliked working and for the longest time I begged God to let me quit work to be able to spend more time on Him. My prayers were remarkably answered so that I could take early retirement. Now I pray, read, garden, and paint sacred art. What a wonderful generous God we have :slight_smile: !!

Maybe, but I’d rather not talk about it. :rolleyes:

I like to be in silence but sometime it is hard with all things going around. I’ve somewhat manage to ingore noise around me when praying.

There was a good book out years ago, which I have at home titled;

“Who You Are is How You Pray.” by Charles Keating.

The author who is a Catholic Priest, uses the Myers Briggs, personality format to describe the different personality types and how each type is drawn towards different forms of prayers.

Ironically, extroverts like myself, are drawn to silent contemplative prayer.

I don’t rember how the other personality types fit it, but what it made me consider is that our different personality types might be the reason for so many different forms of religion in the world.

Anyway the book is a good read and still available.


Since I have adopted a toddler, I find it hard to be a “silent contemplative type.” I yearn for silence but the toddler prevents this. I know it must be God’s will for my life. I just don’t understand it. I feel so unholy that I don’t pray as much I did before I got my son. I just try to make it though each day hoping that one day I’ll resume my prayers again.

How wonderful! I too am retired, and although I do volunteer work and go to a couple of meetings a week, I thoroughly relish and enjoy the silence I have. Gardening nurtures my silent time also, and doing art work as well.

My children are all on their own now, and I am a widow, but I remember the very busy times when they were small. I found that I had to get up about 20 minutes before the first one got up in the morning, so I could have my quiet prayer time to start the day with. I hadn’t always done that, but when I started to it made a very big difference in all my actions throughout the day.

I need the silence, Contemplative prayer I would have to say grounds me it is a miracle it grounds me as it does. Just one day with out I seem to have issues. I dont know what element changes for me when I do have Contemplative prayer in silence I just know the diffrences from the days I dont have it.

I do try to find some silent time each day to just quietly be with God - whether it’s alone at home or in front of the Blessed Sacrament before or after Mass. Certainly helps like nothing else.

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