Are you watching 9/11 'tributes' - and other thoughts on the subject

At first, I decided that I didn’t want to watch any of the programs because I didn’t want to re-live the terrible moments.

My computer home page is Yahoo, and for the last week they have been having 9/11 news stories. I haven’t clicked onto any of them, but not because of not wanting to ‘re-live’ the moments, but because it’s like all these media people are just
1.) Feeding on people’s emotions.
2.) Doing it for the ratings.

At my work, the home office sent an email that suggested everyone wear red, white and blue (jeans) [their wording] on this past Friday. In my office we had 'visitors, so we couldn’t wear jeans on Friday, but in ‘honor’ of the occasion, our office can wear red, white and blue (jeans) on Monday.

I told a co-worker that I had no intentions of wearing the red/white/jeans on Friday or Monday. He jokingly asked me if I was being unpatriotic. I had to put into words my feeling and it hit me on all of this, I have no interest in any of it because…

1.) For my work event, there is no sincerity in any of it. If they cared about honoring what happened, then on Monday at the time that the attacks happened, they would suggested a few moments of quite.

2.) Wearing blue jeans is like saying, well we gotta do something. Oh, yea, wear jeans, that will show our… (?) I don’t what.

Haven’t watched TV in three years so I won’t be watching any televised tributes. If I really felt the need, I suppose I could find something online to read, view, or listen to, but I think praying is most important.

Definitely the Sunday Mass will be an opportunity for prayer and reflection. I would prefer to attend the Latin Mass downtown, but with the road construction and road closures in that area I may instead simply attend Mass at my closest English-speaking parish. We’ll see where the Holy Spirit leads me, and I ought to check a local traffic website.

The Rosary will be a must.

And Sunday night is my regularly-scheduled weekly hour as an adorer in my parish’s Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel.

A Divine Mercy Chaplet and prayers to St. Michael are also prayers to consider.

Red, white, and “blue jeans” at the office? No thanks.

~~ the phoenix

I watched one on Fox awhile ago - it was pretty good - mostly going over the story and items that would be found in the 9/11 memorial museum. I must agree with you though about the media trying to play with people’s emotions for ratings. I’m sure 9/11 isn’t the only subject they do that with though.

Since I resided in Manhattan at the time, and “got” to see the towers on fire, live and in real time, and watched them collapse from less than a mile away, I think I’ve had enough of the experience. However, I’m watching some of the coverage, but in limited doses. That day was one of the saddest days of my life.

Nope, I won’t be watching any of it.

I lived through the experience once, watching the events unfold on TV, and that is good enough for me.

I’ve watched a few, some are quite good, some are really terrible. I think for some of the participants on the show, it might be the first time they’ve had a way to express all they went through, so its an outlet for them and theraputic. Some people will benefit from the tv specials, others it won’t matter.

I have no desire to see the towers falling again. It’s the same reason why I only watched “The Passion of the Christ” one time.

I find the whole red/white/jeans things pretty strange. I also find it sad, as someone who lost someone that day. It seems to have become about an “How American are you?” contest, forgetting that people from 160 countries died that day and that while the Pentagon was an attack on the USA, the twin towers were called the World Trade Centre.

I don’t watch those “tribute” programmes, I find them insincere. Instead, saying a prayer for those who died and the loved ones they left behind is the best way to pay tribute.

I saw more than enough of this ten years ago when it first happened, so no, I will not be watching any of the tributes. Even though we are in the midwest, I can’t avoid it anyway since a young man from our community lost his life that day, and my brother’s neighbor’s son escaped, having fled the second tower before the plane hit. So we have heard plenty just around town this last week or so. I will offer some prayers and that’s enough.

The blue jeans idea is tacky and pitiful. I would be disgusted if my employer proposed such a scheme.

I do think that reflecting on 9/11 is a good idea, ten years out. Yes, the emotions are painful, but it is good to recall the suffering that others have gone through. However, if I had experienced a loss on that day I would probably want to keep the television and radio off all day today.

I won’t have the TV on, but throughout the past week I’ve heard interviews with first responders, persons who were in the towers, and their families. These were broadcast on public radio, and I think tastefully done. It was a good reminder of that day.

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