Are you Worried about the Islamic refugee invasion of Europe ? Are these people economic Refugees?

Are these people genuine Refugees ?

What is YOUR. Interpretation of the Word Refugee ?

Should these people standup and fight not abandon there own country ?

Yes. Read any interview. Their communities, particularly in the rebel-controlled areas of Syria, are being routinely bombed by the Assad regime.

What is YOUR. Interpretation of the Word Refugee ?

Someone who flees their home country due to the threat posed by staying in that country – to a person or his family – of direct violence (including bodily damage), extrajudicial imprisonment, or indirect violence through decimation, contamination, reduction, or compromise of the food supply, housing stock, water supply, or other means of survival.

Should these people standup and fight not abandon there own country ?

No, if they are not a member of a military organization, not subject to legal conscription, and don’t want to fight, they should locate themselves to an area that is safe. Many people have dependent children and/or parents, and if they die, those dependents will be helpless. It is unjust and cruel to expect civilian householders to fight against organized military bodies backed by foreign military aid.

4 out of 5 migrants are NOT from Syria. Migrant does not equal refugee.

Further, because of this, the most vulnerable are not being helped.

I am very concerned. In addition to the financial hardship this will place on every nation accepting refugees, I also am concerned that a number of the refugees are actually potential jihadists posing as refugees- using the refugee tide as a trojan horse.

I think it would make a lot more sense for a western coalition to destroy ISIS and have all these people return home.

And more routinely being murdered by the rebels themselves, who are funded by the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Don’t lose track of who is to blame for the mess in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen - the western governments allied to the US.

Actually, that’s wrong. The Assad military is indiscriminately bombing civilian areas held by the non-ISIS rebels. The Assad regime is the one that responded to peaceful protest with force, and has been using indiscriminate force ever since.

Yes, the U.S. destabilized Iraq. But Iran and Russia have been backing Assad. I don’t see any mention of them in your list of terribles.

The refugees are not invaders .

I dissagree, i think ISIS is mixing in with the refugees to cause problems later down the road, pray for Europe that their eyes will be opened.

I worry for them, particularly families and children.

This is a multi-faceted problem. On the one hand is the huge humanitarian issue of tens of thousands walking with no logistical support towards a promised Germany, which has now declared its borders closed. To get there they have to go through the closing borders of Hungary, Serbia, Austria etc.
Where did they come from? Not all from Syria as a starting point to their present travels. Many, many are coming from years at camps in Turkey and surrounding countries that were the immediate settling point for refugees some time ago. Some are Afghans, etc that are opportunistically claiming to be Syrians.
Are their terrorists amongst them? Who knows, most don’t have identification, having destroyed it to prevent immediate refugee status being settled on them in countries they do not want to be settled into, such as Hungary and Greece and Italy. These do not have the immediate welfare frameworks that suit many of the “economic migrants” that shelter amongst the genuine refugees. (Note the large number of single males now rioting at many checkpoints throughout the journey.)
The Germans are already doing security checks on varied rumours of jihadists infiltrating the nameless throng.
Why are they all coming now? Simple. Merkel offered open access to Germany with no regard to the existing EU protocols that demanded refugee status be determined with settlement at the first EU country of entry. A single decision that will be her memorial to Europe. This is a completely understandable opportunistic decision of many thousands stuck in camps surrounding Syria and a small scattering of Syrians that could get over the border, speckled with other nationalities “giving it a go.”
I can understand many validly highlighting the humanitarian crisis. I can also understand those that see it as a cultural and terrorist threat to Europe as a whole. Both points appear to be valid.
Prayer? St. Jude perhaps…

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