Are Your Pets Insane?


I think we need to add my 3 year old Rott/German Shepard…she just climed onto my lap because there’s a lawnmower outside. Yes, all 70lbs of her. So much for guard dog!


I have two mad pets;

  1. A hamster that attacks the walls of it’s cage if anybody walk to near the cage. I’ll not even tell the damage it does if you dare to put your hand in the cage!

  2. My dog is lovely but she is a staring dog too. She will stare at the back of the settee for ages. I’ll check to see if anything is there and show her that there is nothing there and she continues to stare.
    If we put a slice of lemon in a drink, sometimes we offer her a bit of the lemon. This is fun because she jumps about, dances, twitches, growls and tries to attack the lemon. It is soo funny.
    Another thing she does is chases cats. This is perfectly normal but, if the cat turns to look at her, she runs away howling with her tail between her legs. All the neighbourhood cats tease her now!


:crying:This happened to a lab mix that we owned. She finally caught a white truck. We buried her in our garden.:frowning:


I used to have a hamster that would store all it’s food in it’s mouth and wait until someone would pass by his cage. Then pffft pffft pffft he would shoot out his food at you. :smiley:


McGar—lol at the hampster spitting food at ppl who pass by.

That reminds me, we use to have a chimp at the Buffalo Zoo many yrs. ago when I was little. His name was Eddie and he use to eat his food and then when ppl came by his cage to see him, he spit it right back at them. He was very popular and boy could he spit far.

He is now stuffed at the museum for posterity.

Does anyone wonder what our pets are thinking when they do these funny things?? :smiley:


I always imagined that my hamster was The Brain from ‘Pinky and The Brain’

Hamster: “Ha Ha Ha you mere mortals shall suffer my wrath for subpar generic commercialized hamster food! I shall also get even for the last traumatizing ‘cleaning out the cage incident’!”


When I was a teenager, I had a cat that had a defective pituitary glad that caused him to continue to grow. He was abnormally large by the age of two, with his shoulder nearly to my knee and weighing about 35 pounds. None of this weight was fat. In many ways, he look like a black mountain lion.

He love me and was fiercely loyal to me. Living on a farm, he was free to roam. At the top of the food chain, he also absolutely terrorized all the dogs. He could outrun every dog, including some of my neighbors dobermans, and would regularly try pick fights. Most of the other cats and dogs (and birds, mice rabbits, etc.) were terrified of him. But he would always come home, and jump on may lap (which often knocked the wind out of me!) and just start purring.

His favorite sport was riding dogs. He would chase them, and then jump on their backs and dig in with all his claws. If the dogs didn’t collapse outright under his weight, they would race around trying to shake him off. Somehow, I do not think it was much fun for the dogs.

Fortunately, he left the horses and chickens alone.

Unfortunately after his second year, his health and strength began to decline as he got larger and larger. Before his 3rd birthday, he died from the complications of both the pituitary gland disorder and the feline leukemia.

If I recall correctly, at the time of his death, he weighed about 45 pounds. He had lost several pounds before he died so his maximum weight was probably over 50 pounds. When standing on all fours, his shoulder height was about 25 inches. Had he been able to, (he was so weak near the end) if he stood on his hind legs his paws would nearly reach my chest. He was just a regular house cat. A sister from the same liter was normal-sized, about 10 pounds.


Aw–that is too cute!

Yes–our cat is insane, I suppose. He will run at top speed…stop stare at you…then you say something to him…and he takes off again…runs around 90 mph, then stops dead again right in front of you stares…then runs again. It can be a bit annoying at times…lol Also, when I say his name in a cutesy voice…he kind of sways from side to side…lol…and then falls down…and rolls over like a dog. I always tell him…you wanna be a dog–yes you do yes you do! ha:D But, don’t pets take on their owners’ personalities???:stuck_out_tongue:


deb–can u tell me about your beagle? would you recommend a beagle? next year, i think we may get a doggie, and i love beagles…so any advice you can give, please, i’d like that!:slight_smile:


I have a Beagle, and he’s crazy also. Beagles are adorable little hounds and make great pets. However, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Beagles are scent hounds. Basically, that means if his excellent nose locks on to something interesting, his ears basically turn off. This means you should never keep your Beagle unsupervised without a leash or a pen. It has happened that Beagles were run over by vehicles while tracking a scent, simply because they were not paying attention.

  2. Beagles can bay (e.g. arooooo!) when bored, and then they can be destructive by chewing in your shoes, furniture, etc. So if you need to leave him alone ensure chewable items are not within his reach. A second beagle might be a good idea as well. Consider this when living in an apartment.

  3. They are very energetic pooches and require lots of exercise, otherwise, they could be prone to obesity. They are also very greedy, so make sure they are fed only what’s needed.

  4. Always clean his ears with cleaning solution (available from the vet) and cotton. The Beagle’s long floppy ears easily trap dirt and necrotic material and obstruct free flow of air. The cleaning will help prevent ear infection.

If you can do these, a Beagle is a wonderful companion. My little Beagle is a handful, but we have never regretted having him.


My cat likes to watch basketball. She loves watching the game back and forth on the court. She gets up on her hind legs and tries to catch the ball.

My mother has 3 goldens and two of them have oddities. One will lay on the floor by the wall during the day while they are gone and lick the drywall in one spot till she has licked her way all thru it.

The other one will sit and pluck the carpet fibers out one by one. :shrug:


:smiley: .


We always get our dogs from pounds or as strays. I can only tell you about Buster. He has been an exceptional dog-and he came housebroken, YAH!

He was abused in his former home. When we first brought him home, he would cringe when ever my husband went to scratch his head. Sometimes Buster would even fall on the floor, screaming.:frowning: It took us some time to build his confidence in men. But now Buster is my hubby’s dog.:slight_smile:

Our beagle is bigger then most beagles. I’ve been told that he is the hunting type of beagle-if that makes sense. Apparently, beagles come in two sizes. He is still a small dog.

One thing that might annoy some people about beagles is that they do bark and not the little dog bark but that howling, hound type bark. We like to live in the country so this doesn’t bug us, but it might be a factor in choosing a dog.


My beagle is a genius.

The sites that list intelligence in dogs does not rate beagle high like they do Border Collies. But I think that my beagle is as smart as my neighbors’ Border Collie.

My neighbor’s dog is very good at learning tricks, but Buster can actually figure things out. When we owned land, I used to let Buster roam our property. When he wanted inside, he would walk around the house, looking in some of the windows-some of our windows were low- and then he would scratch the window once he found me. As soon as he saw me turn to look at the noise, he would take off for the door. By the time I reached the front door, he would be waiting for me. Now that takes some reasoning ability.

I’ve read that hounds don’t do good on canine intelligence tests because they have been bred to work independently so they can hunt.

Walking Buster is a chore. He loves to walk but if he catches a scent he will pull. I don’t seem able to break him of this habit.:shrug:


All three of my kitties were totally mental in different ways.

One would snarl at the electric shaver and hit it. She also stole wrapped hard candies and hid them all over the house.

One could open drawers to extract her favorite toy (a cotton swab), then run around the house holding it in her mouth like it was a cigarette. And she would ‘sing’ along with my little electric keyboard.

The third HAD to watch Pokemon on TV. She knew when it was playing and would throw a fit if I didn’t turn it on and watch with her. Oh, and she also ate celery leaves right off the stalk. We used to lay in a supply of celery just for her.


We have a Killer Weiner Dog.:stuck_out_tongue: She is so bad we have to keep her in the backyard locked up, because she will chase down joggers and the young Mommies strolling their babies like she is going to bit a toe off or something.:shrug: She is a mess, but she is so sweet to the family. Even the neighborhood Pit Bull runs from her.:rolleyes:


It makes me so sad when I hear of abused animals…what is wrong with people out there who do this?:mad: But, your Buster (adorable name!) is with you and your loving family…that is a happy ending to that story!:thumbsup:


We have a cat named Popoki (that’s CAT in Hawaiian, that’s a long story) and a dog named Daisy–she’s a 1 year old Pug. They are friends I think, at least they play chase together! Currently, the cat will hide under the Christmas tree and wait for Daisy to walk by and then the cat will pounce on Daisy and run. They then commence to chase each other 'round and 'round the house. If it were warm, I’d throw them both outside, lol, they get so wild.

Daisy, the dog, loves flashlights, she’ll chase the beam all over. We bought some of those wind up flashlights. All she has to do is hear the sound of it being wound up and ‘poof’ there she is, ready to play.

Popoki loves those plastic dishwashing scrubber-things. She’ll steal them from the sink and play with them until they unravel. She’ll even play fetch with them :stuck_out_tongue: She also loves marbles. She bounces them, meows at them and chases them. She even carries them around in her mouth, yes, I know it’s a hazard for her, but she LOVES them and seeks them out wherever I hide them.

They certainly keep us laughing and entertained, and we just love them so much!



WG, You are going to get a Beagle and a Baby next year?:eek: I dunno, our neighbors just behind us have a Beagle and it barks constantly, sweet dog just barks 24 x 7. Our last baby had colic for 6mos.::stuck_out_tongue: Those baby’s might be God’s will, but I don’t know about those dogs.hehe:D


That’s the oddest cat story I’ve ever heard! Gigantor the Kitteh! :eek:

Aww, he must’ve been cute, though.

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