Are your thoughts Just a reflection of what you heard.?


Are your thoughts just a reflection of what you heard?
When I listen to music lyrics ?
When I listen to CNN or fox
When I read A book

My thoughts are not my thoughts!

How about you. ? Are your thoughts independent ? Or original?


I guess my thoughts are a “gumbo” of what I hear, see, learn by reading, etc. But my thoughts ARE MY OWN! I decide what to filter out, what to believe, what is true and what is not true. I hope that I can listen, see, observe, learn and make a decision with my conscience of what I keep and what I get rid of.


When I read a book my imagination is so much better,nice dreams ,more vibrant speech…and I play Scrabble
with more ease.Books enhance my own thinking and imagination…like a launching pad,I want to be original.
I want my own thoughts for the most ,so turn the radio off(especially talk back radio with so many biased opinions!)
I can’t stand commercials…on tv and radio…they take up too much time in the head and get in the way of thinking.
I wish I had a mental delete button to keep my thinking freed up,for the more important things…there’s a lot of unessasary
thinking going on up there :slight_smile:


Hi dann,

I’d like to think that I can think for myself.

But I also think that we are probably influenced by the things that surround us, too, like the news and other forms of media that we come into contact with every day.

I would think that we’re probably influenced if we read magazines and/or newspapers or watch TV or listen to the radio, or look on-line at the Internet, for example.


Yes saint Paul warns us not to be tossed to and fro. By every wind of doctrine and thought.

But it is kinda hard. When I watch a commercial. Like buy our pillow . you will sleep better. I am tempted and wonder if it Will Improve my sleep !


Oh yes.

I agree about that! :slightly_smiling_face:

I recall seeing those types of infomercials/ads and thinking, “I wonder how that works, and if I could use something like that, too?” :thinking:


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