Are Zombie films anti-Christian?

Tittle says it.

No, in my Theology class we have used Zombie films to stimulate conversation and debate on Eschatology.

I don’t believe so but Zombie Jesus stuff? Probably blasphemy…

I like that answer. I have always thought that in a similar way. Of course the gore or crude language factors into things. I think zombie films touch on many elements of the human condition.

I hear that.

Nope. They’re just Zombie films that’s all. :popcorn:

I hope not, I love them!

I say none of them are and that they are just pure entertainment that each of us brings our own experience to. I will suppose though that a few of them might actually be leaning “pro” if you look at them a certain way, especially the Italian ones and probably George Romero’s Day of The Dead. In the end though they are just zombie flicks.


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I can’t say that they’re anti-Christian, per se. Some might have a slightly nihilistic outlook, but I would imagine, if you’d been through a disaster as big as a zombie epidemic that had wiped out many of your friends and family and if you’d had to destroy loved ones who’d turned i to zombies, you might be tempted to fall into that kind of thinking.

That said, I’m a huge fan of Max Brooks’s World War Z; I’ve also watched The Walking Dead off and on (need to get back to it…).

I don’t see the movies as being Anti-Christian. Some of the characters seem to become anti-christian or anti-religion for that matter, after going through the such an ordeal as a zombie apocalypse.

I am a big fan of Max Brooks’ World War Z( can’t wait for the movie), the Walking Dead, almost all of the George Romero films. Zombieland.

I think there ok

I don’t get that saying. Zombies are people who die and come back as animated corpses.
Jesus died but came back to life. He was actually living.
People who say zombie jesus know nothing of Christianity nor zombie folklore.
On topic. I don’t think they are anti Christian. As in the most popular romero films, no reason for their return is given. That plus i am Christian and i love em. (when they are done right)

Speaking of Zombie flicks these were decent.
Horde - French
Rammbock -German
The Dead -?

The joke is that zombies are undead, not living, not dead. Under normal conditions, they would have died (like getting shot), but…

you know what? I just realized those jokes make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Thank you for enlightening me. :thumbsup:

I don’t understand the whole Zombie Jesus thing either… it makes no sense but it’s the new fad right now so I’m being exposed to it repeatedly. sigh

Well, it’s getting trotted out now especially since it’s the Easter season; I’m personally tired of hearing it. It wasn’t funny the first time I heard it and it’s only gotten more Not Funny every time I hear it.

It was original about five years ago. Like you said, now its just old.

Mixing Jesus with zombies is just obscene to me. No need for it.

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