Aren't priests given a chalice as part of ordination?

There was a thread a while back about priests’ chalices that answered:

“Some priests don’t have chalices of their own. Most diocesan priests do have their own chalices, but sometimes they may choose to use a special one belonging to the parish. Priests belonging to religious orders most often do not have chalices of their own and only use those belonging to the religious community.”

I heard that priests all recieve a special chalice and paten as part of their ordination ceremony…sort of like the reception of the baptismal candle and garment…or the wedding rings (or crowns in the Easter Rites) or the Bishops crozier and ring etc?

Now, I know that those in religious orders technically wouldn’t “own” these things…but do religious priests still recieve them at their ordination…albeit they technically belong to the Order…but then again…so do the clothes they wear…

So do religious priests recieve a paten and chalice at ordination too?

Dear b,

What you heard was incorrect. There may be the custom in some dioceses to give the newly ordained priest a chalice. But giving the priest a new chalice and paten of his own is definitely not a part of the ordination rite. In my thirty-six years as a priest I have never heard of such a thing.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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