Aren't there any Pro-Life OB/GYNs?


My wife and I were at the OB/GYN last night for an appointment. We confirmed that we a pregnant with our second child. Now, our first child has Down syndrome. The doctor congratulates us; than in the next breath mentions termination and what if scenarios! I could not believe that she would brinng this up to us with our first child in the room with us. I told her there is NEVER a chance that we will terminate pregnancy even after she brought up all sorts of worst case scenarios.

Is there such a thing as pro-life OB/GYNs? If so, I want to go to one instead of our current doctor.


YES! There are pro-life doctors. I have one and trust her with any emergency that may come up. I know she will give me advice that I can agree with morally. I think it is essential to have a pro-life dr, as in an emergency scenerio, you don’t have time to research all the options to make sure you’ve been given ethical/moral medical advice.

Check this link for many links to help you find an OB/GYN.

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your second child. You are truly blessed!


Congratulations on the new life within your family!

i’m so sorry you had to hear that at the OBs… that’s horrible! and to answer your question, yes there are pro-life OBs! I am blessed to have one, and I’m so grateful every day. Ask St. Anthony to help you find one… he can find anything! :slight_smile: I just did a quick search in their physician database, and found my Doc. I bet you could find one near you, too!


Yes, they are out there. A very good family friend of mine who is an OB/GYN closed his private practice of 20+ years and moved to a more Catholic area and now does not prescribe birth control and is an NFP practitioner. Maybe they are more difficult to find - but they are out there!

Try this site: It’s not a totally exhaustive list, as I personally know some pro-life OB/GYN’s who don’t show up on the search, but this is a great way to get started.



Oh my goodness…I am SO sorry that happened to you. How completely inappropriate of him to say that, and even worse in front of your precious daughter!

Here is a site that has a listing of pro life doctors.

you could also call up your parish and ask if they have a list of pro life dr’s. They’re often a good resource.

I hope you find a doctor worthy of having you as a patient. Don’t settle for this kind of treatment and don’t forget to tell this doctor exactly why you left his practice. That kind of thing can’t go unchecked.


Yes, there are pro life ob/gyns and general practictioners

or speak to your Diocese–maybe the Marriage and Family, NFP, Pro Life or some similar office would have info for your area.


Thank your for the quick responses! I sent a list of pro-life docs to my wife. I know she will refuse to switch doctors. I already brought up the idea last night. Even though she is now pro-life, she will not want to switch doctors because of the sentiments and memories of having the current doc’s office deliver our first.


Ok, now I’m confused :confused: : Isn’t your wife a Christian Scientist? I didn’t think they believed in doctor’s at all. And they believe abortion is ok?

Praying for you :gopray:

In Christ,



Yes, my wife is a Christian Scientist. Most of them do go to doctors now. Let’s just say that my wife is as ignorant of her own religion as she is of Catholicism. She is only a C-S because her mom is. Her mom is in her second marriage and married to a Catholic. She used to be pro-abortion because that’s what she learned in college and in her sorority. She was full of the feminist rhetoric about abortion and still slighty is.

Only after having our first baby with Down syndrome; and meeting lots of couples with babies with Ds; and meeting lots of woman who would have otherwise aborted if not for the fact the the birth of their child w/Down syndrome was a surprise on the birthday - only to regret those feelings as their child grew older and they realized how silly it would have been to abort such wonderful children.

Today is such a strange day for me. I am happy about the second pregnancy but growing moree sad about the lack of willingness in my wife to convert to Catholicism.


There are definitely pro-life OB/GYNs, I think they are just harder to find in some areas than others. You should definitely look into it though, its better to have a pro-life doctor. I wouldn’t trust any doctor who could talk about murder like it was just another procedure.


Perhaps you can sell your wife on a switch to a Pro-Life OB on the basis of her own peace of mind. Pregnancy is stressful enough as it is. Really. She should have the comfort of knowing that she and her doctor are on the same page with regards to the value of her baby’s life. She should not have to feel like she’s running the gauntlet, or needs to go into Mama Bear protecting Baby Bear mode, just to see her own doctor and get pre-natal care.

**Not. Worth. The. Stress. **

Best of luck,


PS Hang in there about the whole conversion question. My friend’s husband finally converted during her second pregnancy, when it appeared that baby would suffer devastating birth defects. He was already pro-life, but having to stand up and articulate his feelings on the matter really solidified things for him. (They did, of course, switch doctors, too.) The whole ordeal was the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” so to speak, and he joined RCIA in the fall after the baby arrived.


There ARE, but your wife doesn’t WANT one, I think you’ve just got to live with it. After all, if she is comfortable with the doctor and willing to “just say no” to his ideas, then she’ll be happier with the situation. It is her having the baby, after all. Just my two cents.


The doc is a she.


Update: When I got home from work last night we talked about switching doctors. There are four pro-life doctors in our town. But, she will not switch. She doesn’t want a male OB/GYN. She would rather stay with the doc who perfroms abortions. It was a huge fight. I am upset because she doesn’t respect my opinion on anything in this marriage. She always chooses her mom, grandmother, doctor, ayone over me.



I think you need to leave her alone. Now. I get that you want a pro-life doctor, but if she says she doesn’t want a male doctor you have to respect that. SHE is the one that has to talk to her doctor about every little thing about this pregnancy. SHE is the one that will have to deliver (and all that entails) with the doctor.

Not that your opinions don’t count, but she is the one doing the majority of the work in this situation. I’m telling you if my Catholic DH came home and told me I had to switch doctors during this pregnancy, we would have a huge fight too. I have been in her situation with the “everything has to be Catholicism-approved” and even without pregnancy hormones its beyond frustrating. I’m not saying that you are doing that, but I guarantee that is what she is thinking.

Just as an aside, be careful what you say about your wife and how you talk about her. You never know when she will stumble on the two threads currently going about her right now. You don’t want that stress added on to what is already going on. It won’t be pretty if it happens.


Well, this is your main problem really, respect in your own home. The choice of doctor, while important, is secondary to the real issues in your marriage. Having a new baby is not going to help this situation, you are going to struggle even more to be heard. I very strongly suggest you get into a good Catholic marriage counselor as soon as possible to help you both work out these issues. Trust me, they will NOT go away on their own.

Best wishes for the new baby - Congratulations!



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