Aren't we meant to wear the Brown Scapular all the time?

Someone on a group on CAF has stated at Fatima the children were told the Scapular is not to be worn whilst sleeping, this sounds absurd surely that’s when we need most protection?
Does anyone know of a link stating Scapular must be worn all the time?

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I just spoke to a Carmelite Priest he said the Scapular is to be worn to bed . He said normally people don’t wear it in the shower and substitute with the medal, I personally don’t have a problem wearing the wool Scapular in the shower though… So there it is

I wear mine 24/7…even in the shower. The only time mine comes off is to replace it.

That’s the kind of dedication I like to see!!!:smiley:
God bless you +++

The children at Fatima wore a tight cord around their waist as penance after seeing the vision of hell. They were advised not to wear this at night.

I always wear my scapular and the only time I take it off is when I am having a shower coz’ it is difficult to be wearing a wet scapular when you have to dress up for work.

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I personally don’t have a problem wearing the wool Scapular in the shower though.

The scapular is a symbol of the habit of the Carmelites. They don’t wear their habits in the shower or to bed and so we are not bound to do so either. Certainly one can wear it 24/7 if one pleases, but that doesn’t constitute more devotion or dedication than someone who chooses not to.

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I’ve never really heard one good reason for not wearing the Brown Scapular whilst asleep or in the shower. Are you any less in Our Lady’s service as you sleep? Are you somehow more resilient against the wiles of the devil when you’re showering?

I sleep with my scapular on and I have spares so that showering is not a problem. There has never been any discomfort. I haven’t been strangled in my sleep by the scapular.

The Blessed Virgin does not sleep in her service to us. I for one wont sleep in my service to her.

And as for the children of Fatima, they were not told to sleep without their scapular. They were told that they could relax on the severe penances they gave themselves involving a cord rope.

The Scapular is much older than Fatima.

I have a shower scapular that hangs near the shower. I swap my all-the-time scapular for it for the duration of the shower. Otherwise, 24/7/365.

a special shower scapular - I actually like that Idea!

For the person who said it’s not necessary to wear it in the shower… That’s satans tactic. Not wearing it. If you have issues with wearing wool in water at least wear the medal.

Also I read that St Therese and JPII always wore their Scapulars

Do you receive indulgencies only if you wear it? Suppose you carry it with you like in your bag? Thanks.

Read what I wrote again. The scapular is not a magic talisman. No one is going to bestruck down for not wearing a special ‘shower scapular’, switching out to a medal, or anything superstitious like that.

I recommend that the OP speak to his priest or ask on the Carmelite sub-forum here. But don’t be think that the physical item -absent the true devotion- is going to protect you.

Please forgive a slight dis-railment of the thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I was blessed to finally be invested with the Brown scapular this last Wednesday by Franciscan of the Immaculate friar. I just wanted to express my happiness and joy of this blessed event.

Even better news, the person that I was with was also inspired to be invested.

The one i currently wear has been on constantly for approximately 6 years. I never take it off. The one I wore previously had been on for about 10 years before it sort of fell apart, so I figure I have several years to go. After I shower I usually squeeze each side slightly to remove excess water but thats it. It does irritate me a bit when its wet but that is no big deal at all.


Can someone direct me to a good site that has information on being invested?

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