Argentina chooses to remain Pro-Life


Haven’t seen this posted yet, so I will. Argentina, the homeland of Pope Francis, rejected a bill to legalize abortion. It was a narrow, but decisive victory for the pro-life movement. Kudos to Argentina for upholding the dignity of human life! :argentina:


Give thanks and praise to God!


Yes! This is very encouraging, especially after the depressing vote in Ireland.


Yes, and no. It was a vote of 38 against, 31 for and 2 abstaining. That’s narrowly close. We must continue to pray and not get comfortable thinking we’ve won.

The entire world is pushing Argentina to change those laws, it won’t be easy to keep pushing back.


Agreed! But it’s certainly encouraging.


Thank you, Argentina, for righting the wrong of Ireland.


My thoughts exactly.

It’s good to know Argentina’s Senate still has a conscience.


Thank you. We can always use more good news on here.


I’m happy Argentina is protecting the unborn!


Thank God!


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