Argentines cheer new Pope Francis at Sunday Mass [CNAU]

Mar 18, '13 6:00 am
The faithful flocked to the parishes of Buenos Aires to celebrate their first Sunday Mass with Pope Francis as leader of the Church, proud that the new pontiff hails from Argentina, according to an AAP report on PerthNow.


Wonderful I join them :slight_smile:

It is good that ordinary Argentines are proud of having a pope from their country. Don’t be surprised though, to find that many in the government and the press, however, will be working to smear him, considering him to be “a meddlesome priest,” because he failed to embrace Marxism and Liberation Theology.

I wonder if the first Latin American Pope might help inspire Latinos who more recently have had less enthusiasm or interest in the Catholic Church or faith. The other day someone on EWTN said in Brazil more non Catholics attend church than do Catholics. This surprised me because I’d always heard Latinos were the growing part of the Catholic faith. Though I know an Episcopal church in my area (I’m in the US) has 2 services. An English and a Spanish. And in speaking with the Episcopal priest, she told me the Spanish service is by far the heavier attended. There is also a Baptist church near me which I pass by frequently. And they advertise on their outdoor board that can readily be seen from the road, services and fellowship times in both Spanish and English. The other day I saw a non denominational church’s sign from the road advertising a Spanish music night at their church.

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