Arguing with friends over HHS Mandate


For the past two days, I have been having an argument in the comment section of Facebook. One of my friends shared a post from ACLU that complained about the president overturning the Obama administration’s requirement for religious employers to provide birth control. I told her about the actual effects of the law, and how I see this as a good thing for civil and religious liberties. That’s when the floodgate opened. She and my other friends (who I now see are liberal feminists) started attacking me from all sides. They firmly believe that a religious organization (yes even a Catholic one) can’t deny birth control coverage, claiming it to be a “human right”. They proceeded to lecture me on how some women take the pill for hormonal health (something I already explained I understood), and that religion shouldn’t dictate someone’s “personal liberties”. No matter how many times I tell them that Catholics can’t compromise their faith for the law, but all they say is that Catholics shouldn’t be exempt from the law. I am becoming increasingly frustrated about the situation. I try to reiterate that religious morals can’t be violated by the law, I just can’t win. They have even gone so far as to call the repeal “Sharia law”. Now they’ve sunken to laughing at my replies and talking down to me like I’m a bigoted idiot. It breaks my heart that my friends from high school would speak to me like that. Does anybody have a solid rebuttal? Should I keep going? Should I remain in contact with them? I’m begging for advice.


FaceBook is an American scourge.
Get off. You’ll be much happier. Do good for the poor, the hungry, children, the stranger.
You won’t change angry peoples hearts on FB, that’s for sure.
There’s more productive work to be done for the Kingdom of God.
God bless you.


They’re allergic to decent arguments.


If that’s how these people treat you, they are not your friends.

Friends can have reasonable discussions about differences.

Block them. They aren’t listening any ways.

And you can be my friend if you like.


I remember a post on Twitter that said ‘99% of women use birth control, it’s not a religious issue.’ smh. You can try and try to explain, but you won’t get anywhere with them.


Don’t argue with people who are committed to Evil. Don’t think that they are your friends. They are not. Pray for them.


They are being bullies, intentionally. I don’t think they care about the truth, like that hormone treatment is covered for other ailments.

Ask them with the cost of BC down to below $15 a month, why it needs to be covered for a full time employee?

But bullies care about winning, they don’t care about the logic.


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Thank you everyone for your reassurance. I should be hanging out here instead of godless Facebook.


i ditched a personal facebook account a while ago and went generic. i don’t look for or usually accept friends.

i follow fishing, local eateries, inspirational, educational and uplifting sites.

Catholic Answers, The Catholic Man Show, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and Padre Pio of Pietrelcina are a few if you need a change


Are these people you hang out with in real life?


You could point out that rolling back the HHS mandate does not deny them birth control coverage. Employers are still free to offer it, and probably many will continue to do so.

Rolling back the HHS mandate does not dictate anything. What it does is stop dictating something it was dictating under the mandate.

Rolling back the HHS mandate is not exempting Catholics from the law. It is changing the law, which is someone anyone has the right to petition for - for religious reasons or for no reason at all. The fact that your objection to the HHS mandate is religiously based should not disqualify you from exercising a right that everyone else has when they want to push their notions of the law should be, and no one challenges them on their motivations.

You are barking up the wrong tree in this debate. The point is not to prove the correctness of your opinion and how it is based in religion. It is enough just to prove you have the right to assert your opinion, regardless of where that opinion came from.

You could point out that Sharia Law has lots of mandates. This latest action removes a mandate. So if anything, the repeal is more like and “anti-Sharia” action.


Jesus warns everyone who comes in his name that this will happen in Matthews gospel.

Liberal and leftist politics and those individuals who live and breath it will always be at odds with your Catholic faith, always. I have a few friends and family like this. Most of the time(not always) they are atheist or agnostic. Very often, not only are their opinions very strong, their tolerance for anyone that opposes them on their opinion is very weak.

A true friend will be respectful of your beliefs and values. They will never intentionally demean you for the values and beliefs that make you who you are as a person.


Right here is your problem.


Good point,
Even before the ACA mandate, most employers included BC but the few (unfortunately) companies of religious persuasion had the choice not to include it.

I always thought this was one of the most bone head moves with ACA, mandating BC coverage by all employers. It pissed people off without really extending coverage that much, at least not with the needy.


Unfriend them, then block them from seeing your page. The only rebuttal I would give is, “I’ll pray for you”. They are not you friends if this how they treat you. They clearly don’t understand Catholic teaching or what it means to stand up for one’s faith.


Good riddance to the birth control mandate.


A couple of thoughts.

Owning a forearm is an inherent human and civil right, protected by the constitution. Nobody pays for mine but me. A right does not include the expectation that someone will provide it.

Okay. This is simple. Say you will concede that a woman who has to take the pill for hormonal health (with two doctors’ statements, can get them as any other prescription, but beyond that, buy your own. They will back off that argument so fast because it isn’t about hormone health.
It is their personal liberty to go and buy contraceptives. No one is stopping them.


If you want a basic, reasonable fact, there are more than half a dozen variations of birth control pills available at your neighborhood WalMart for $4 per month, that is less than the co-pay on most insurance plans. These young women are free to skip one Latte each month and buy their BCPs.

Amazing how folks will screech for free birth control while actual life-saving medications, like insulin, are a great financial burden on the poor.


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