Arguing with my mom


I have been arguing with my mom a lot lately and feel guilty as I am sinning I don't know how to stop and have prayed to the lord in hope that he will give me patience when I am around mom. But in the mean time is there any passages or prayers that I can take comfort in.
God bless you


Try praying the rosary, looking to the Blessed Mother for patience and prayer.

Also pray for your mother: it takes two to make an argument. Here's an example:

Another prayer to help you honour your parents:


Yes, there are Marian (prayers to the Blessed Mother) prayers for your mom and your relationship with her. Novenas like (my favorite) the Novena to the Miraculous Medal work well.
I will be praying for you as well.

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.
O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.
O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.


Try to just walk away from the situation and not say anything. Right when you begin to reply, you’ll be tempted to argue. I learned that the hard way. :frowning: keep trying!! :slight_smile: God bless


Thankyou for your comments if can sometimes make you feel lonely after an argument so the feedback was will needed god bless you


I have used this prayer every morning and night and it has helped me to be more submissive. God has helped me understand that My mom is higher than me and I am at the end of the day under her authority. But although I do as she says now sometimes her will contradicts the will of God. My Parents are both atheist. I however had a sudden desire to attend church and have never looked back.
O Almighty God,
who hast given unto me my father and mother,
and made them to be an image of Thine authority,
and love, and tender watchfulness;
and hast commanded me to love, and honour,
and obey them in all things:
give me grace cheerfully and with my whole heart
to keep this Thy law.
Help me to love them fervently,
to honour them truly,
to yield a ready obedience to their commands,
to comply with their wishes,
to study their happiness in everything,
and to bear their rebukes with patience and humility.
Deliver me O God, from pride,
rebellion and wilfulness,
from passion and stubbornness,
from sloth and carelessness.
Make me diligent in all my duties and studies,
and patient in all my trials;
that so living, I may deserve to be Thy child,
who art our Father in Heaven.



My mom can be tough to get along with too. Whenever she starts to get on your nerves. just shoot up a Hail Mary, take some deep breaths, and try to treat her with the same respect you would give to our Lady. How old are you btw? This is not unusual when younger people are trying to find their way, and what path they are going to take. Just remember. You can disagree with you mom, without disrepecting her. Thats against the rules. :wink: Peace an prayers for you. :slight_smile:


Am 19


I like to ask the Holy Spirit to help me say the right things. I do it on the spot. Perhaps once you realize that your conversation is moving towards an argument, you can say a quick (silent) prayer to the Holy Spirit, or a quick Hail Mary. Be ready to take a deep breath and say, “let’s not argue.” or “I don’t want to argue. Can we talk about something more agreeable?” and then change the topic to something pleasant. Practice saying, “hmmmm…” instead of arguing back when she says something you don’t love. Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, or find a reason to step out of the room for a minute, long enough to steady your emotions. I argue a lot with my mother too. It is very frustrating to feel like I’ve turned into a teen again. Slowly, I have used these methods to change how I react to things that normally push my buttons.


The other thing I do is analyze the conversation after the fact. After you get into an argument, reflect back on the beginning of the conversation. Find the moment when you should have said or done ___ in order to avoid the argument, but instead you said or did the wrong thing. Tell yourself, “next time, ___ happens, I will ____.” If need be, remind yourself of this just before you see your mother the next time.


Matt 10:35


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Matt 10:35


So do you think I should keep the will of God even if it offends my parents. I know God is higher than them but I don't want to prove them right (they say that I have been brainwashed) and I know following the will of God isnt brainwashing but my family already mock me for praying calling God my imaginary friend :'(


Yes, you should keep the will of God, even if it offends your parents. That doesn't mean you have to argue about it with them.

By the way, it is not clear from your posts in this thread, but are you an adult? If not, obedience to your parents is part of the Will of God, so that needs to be considered.

If you are an adult, then you can choose whether or not to discuss issues of faith with them based on their usefulness. If you are able to have respectful discussions, then perhaps your witness will be helpful. If either you or your parents are not able to be respectful, then it is better to quietly go about living your faith without letting it turn into arguments with them. If they are curious about your beliefs, then asking questions and having you answer them is nice. If they are simply seeking to undermine your beliefs, then it is not a conversation worth having. Mocking you is not ok, and doesn't have to be tolerated. But you also don't have to answer back to it, or argue the points. Just say, "you are not being respectful of me, this conversation is over," or end the conversation another way.


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