Arguing with your Mother


I remember when I was a young girl and I thought my Mother so old fashion and out of touch with the modern times. She did not understand my way of thinking. We did not see eye to eye.

As I grew older I found that my Mom was way smarter than I gave her credit for and in fact she was pretty smart.

In my mid 40’s my mother suffered a stroke and was no longer able to communicate with me. I could tell that she wanted to talk to me but she could not. I knew that there were jewels of wisdom and words of love that I had not heard and wanted to hear with all my heart. And then she passed away.

Treasure your mother and your father. As little as you think they know in your 20’s, they will surprise you from time to time with the experiences they have had that can assist us, if we just listen.

Tell your parents you love them every chance you get. Even when they look at you oddly wondering what you had done. Don’t live to regret that you did not respect and honor them when you could only to find out that it is now too late.

I myself have children in their 30’s now and my stock has only recently begun to rise with them. They now seem to have come to the realization that this “child of the 60’s”, is not a clueless as they used to think.

Yours in Christ.


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