Argument against order of nature (video based)

A new atheist sent me this. For some of the stuff presented in this four minute or so video I can debunk. For others I need help specifically to why didn’t God build our bodies to the optimal design and also for some things this boyo talks about in regards to the universe. (Warning aborted babies used to further this sickening argument).

Oh, this is fun.

What part are you having trouble with?

Just the perfection of the human body and the chaos in the universe as he states in the video. With the birth defects thing it can most certainly be because of original sin. For the others, I’m not quite sure.

Alright, I just watched it and this is what I would say -

Intelligent design does not need to equate to pain free, perfectly safe, no choking hazard design.

If life were easy, it would the end. Being alive is not easy and being Christian is certainly not easy.

Maybe you know the pocket watch in the storm argument? If you put all the pieces of a pocket watch into the chaos of a storm, what are the chances that by the time the storm is done the pocket watch will be keeping time? Something like that.

God has revealed the many side of Himself within His creation, not to mention the things He wants us to understand. This guy is worried about his genitals being right next to his “sewage system”. Maybe the lesson here is that if you mis-treat your “entertainment system” and refer to it simply as “pleasure zone” then it might as well BE a “sewage system” to you because you are missing the higher purpose.

What would be the lesson with the supernova and all the dangers in the universe? God does not play dice, and He has the power to decimate those that would turn His creation into a casino of chance.

God is Awesome!

Pretty good, thank you for the response :slight_smile:

Everything he says is true.

But, yet, we are still here. We live in this hostile universe, and we are still here.

99% of life that has ever occurred on earth is extinct. But we are still here.

The inner solar system is a shooting gallery filled with extension-level possibilities, but we are still here.

There are diseases and conditions that kill us. But we will all die eventually - it’s just a matter of when (and no scientist would disagree). These diseases (including fatal birth defects) don’t alter the resilience of the human species. We are still here.

We should not be here. Given all those facts on top of facts on top of facts, a bookie would not put good odds on humanity surviving as long as it has. But we are still here.

Yes, the universe will eventually grow cold and die, and we will not be here. But no Christian believes humanity is eternal (or no scientist, for that matter). It is Doctrine (and science) that the world will end. There is no disagreement here.

I know he thinks he is mocking religion, but he doesn’t realize that he is either supporting it or agreeing with it.

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