Argument(s) For Marital-type Relationships (And Other "Earthly Pleasures") In Heaven And The New Earth

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This is an issue that has troubled me greatly at times in years past and has recently re-surfaced within the past few days: Whether or not we will enjoy all of the things that were good in this life (including marriage) in heaven/the new earth as well. I have personally found the possibility of there being no marital relationships, beautiful architecture, music, art, etc. to be very distressing and unfathomable. And having read a number of threads here I know there are many others who feel the same way.

In light of all of this I have come across (and re-examined) some rather interesting points that could argue in favor of all of these earthly (and good or morally neutral) things being renewed in heaven/the new earth (whichever comes first I suppose!)

I realize that this is a subject that has been discussed over and over again, however I thought that by sharing my own specific personal insights here perhaps others who have not found the precise answer they’ve been looking for will take comfort in the fact that someone else feels exactly the same way and is also seeking an answer too. If my consistent bolding and all capital letters comes across as intimidating I apologize in advance; I use it consistently only to help re-enforce the points being made:

1) Marriage/male + female companionship existed BEFORE the Fall. Furthermore it continued AFTER the fall.
As they say, “It’s in the Bible” :slight_smile:

2) Marriage/male + female companionship was created by God who said it was GOOD.
Speaks for itself, wouldn’t you say :wink:

3) It was God who said that it is NOT GOOD for man to be alone. This was also before the Fall.
He even asked adam which of the animals would make a suitable partner. Adam said none of them were and God responded to his DESIRE for companionship. Even in the SINLESS and PERFECT nature of the Garden Of Eden.

**4) It was God who said that whatever was considered GOOD will be renewed in the new world. **
Refer to the prior 3 points.

5) When Jesus said “They will neither marry nor given in marriage” he was -and at times still is- misunderstood.
This is perhaps the point that needs most clarification. Many have obviously interpreted this as there being no marital relationship in heaven. But what many seem to overlook is that there were a number of ways one could be “married or given in marriage” e.g. a father giving away his daughter, a transaction (sale, trade, etc.), arranged marriage. None of these involving God and his own view on who he felt was truly meant to be matched. Not that they were all bad marriages, etc. just the likelihood that there was perhaps not even any consent among the two parties being matched by “traditional means”.

6) Adam and Eve were not “married” in the traditional way someone is “married or given in marriage”. God personally matched them together (or created Eve from the ground, etc. however one puts it :p) and -again- said it was GOOD.

7) In heaven all of our needs will be fulfilled by God. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t have DESIRES or WANTS and that we won’t desire or want them with absolute joy.
Why else would the new earth be a physical place with resurrected, glorified, immaculate (and eternally youthful and attractive :p) physical bodies. Youthful appearance is something we all want and desire so much on this earth that we seem to be willing to do whatever we can to prolong it as much as we can. So who’s to say other desires we hold so dearly won’t be realized like food, music, and yes even man + woman companionship; even for those were spent their whole earthly lives single?

8) God desires for us to be happy in his kingdom for all eternity. Why shouldn’t we have reason to believe that he might very well bless us with all the gifts, talents, hobbies, relationships (marital included) etc. that we enjoyed so much on this earth (morally responsibly, of course) in the new earth?

9) In heaven and the new earth there will be NO CONFLICT amongst our relationships with others (even amongst multiple ex-spouses). So why shouldn’t we believe that God will renew marital relationships in a world where there will be absolutely ZERO risk for them conflicting/interfering with relationships with parents, children, friends, family, and God. Everything will be perfect. Even our favorite hobbies, etc. (should they indeed exist there) couldn’t possibly conflict with each other or anything/anyone else.

**10) Shouldn’t we have reason to believe that God -who created marriage in the beginning, said it was GOOD, and did not abolish it after the Fall- will not nullify it in heaven and the new earth, but rather transform/renew it? Even as a basic man and woman companionship? ** Again, who’s to say that God would only want something so sacred and loving to only exist on earth and not in his heavenly kingdom?

11) Last, but not least God knows our deepest desires. He knew us before we were born and knows more than what we ourselves think we know what we desire.
Why shouldn’t we think that God has taken those factors into account in planning and preparation for the new world and that a renewed type of marital relationship where man and woman live together as one in perfect harmony with everyone and everything else?

I hope anyone feeling troubled by what they have believed heaven and eternity will take comfort these points made. Until our time has come when (hopefully, of course) God calls us to eternal life with him we will of course know not even a tiny fraction of what heaven will truly be like. But if we are called to trust in God that he has prepared/is preparing something very special for us in the next life let us not presume that he won’t take into account all that is GOOD in his grand design :slight_smile:

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That sounds like a combination of Jehovah’s Witness and Mormon theology, which you know, is a complete heresy. The reason for our relationships and pleasures here on earth is for our physical, bodily survival. Our life after this world will be different, when we will be united with our Creator. The spiritual will be our source and our everything. The physical won’t matter anymore. The beautiful things we have here will pale in comparison to what awaits us.

Remember that all of our earthly beauty merely reflects the beauty of God. Even marriage is a reflection of Christ’s love for the Church. So how much greater is God’s love and beauty than anything we could even fathom? It is impossible to quantify, but I believe that it will be sufficient to give my soul eternal joy without end (if the Lord leads me to avoid damnation).

I think there is something to be said for things like marriage, eating, etc… In the new earth. People forget that Christians teach a resurrection of the body. We are not meant to be spirits forever. We are meant to have glorified raised bodies like Christ did after his resurrection.

Christ broke bread and ate etc…

Jesus himself said that in the resurrection there is no marriage or giving in marriage, but we willl be like the angels in heaven. (See Matthew 22:30, Mark 12:25). That is from God Himself, not something to be challenged or speculated upon. And angels do not have marital or marital type relationships and there is no male/female among them. They may take on the appearance of a human body of either sex if God has sent them to interact with human beings, as we see in the Bible, but that is only an appearance.

The Catholic Church teaches what Jesus taught–that is what we are to believe. Anything else is heresy.

No. See my other post. Jesus said that in the resurrection there is no marriage or giving in marriage. We will be like the angels. Now that comes directly from the Creator.

I’m not sure, though I’d lean more towards a…“Yes.” Perhaps a relationship similar to marriage with the spouse?

Do you deny the resurrection of the body? We may be like angels in not procreating, but certainly not in form. We will have our bodies. Humans are different from angels and always will be.

1042 At the end of time, the Kingdom of God will come in its fullness. After the universal judgment, the righteous will reign for ever with Christ, glorified in body and soul. The universe itself will be renewed:

The Church . . . will receive her perfection only in the glory of heaven, when will come the time of the renewal of all things. At that time, together with the human race, the universe itself, which is so closely related to man and which attains its destiny through him, will be perfectly re-established in Christ.631
1043 Sacred Scripture calls this mysterious renewal, which will transform humanity and the world, "new heavens and a new earth."632 It will be the definitive realization of God’s plan to bring under a single head "all things in [Christ], things in heaven and things on earth."633

1044 In this new universe, the heavenly Jerusalem, God will have his dwelling among men.634 "He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away."635

1045 For man, this consummation will be the final realization of the unity of the human race, which God willed from creation and of which the pilgrim Church has been "in the nature of sacrament."636 Those who are united with Christ will form the community of the redeemed, “the holy city” of God, "the Bride, the wife of the Lamb."637 She will not be wounded any longer by sin, stains, self-love, that destroy or wound the earthly community.638 The beatific vision, in which God opens himself in an inexhaustible way to the elect, will be the ever-flowing well-spring of happiness, peace, and mutual communion.

There will be no procreation in the life everlasting. Marriage and procreation are for natural life.

One might imagine the biological, death-ridden natural human body as being the “breeder phase” of the everlasting, human spiritual body (pneumatikon soma).

No-one will die in the everlasting life, so there will be no need for babies born.

The rather confusing prospect of marriages resuming in the life everlasting was precisely the question that our LORD faced. And He said, in effect, it was not an issue.



I deny no such thing–how dare you. I quoted Jesus’ words directly from Mark and Mathew, and he distinctly states “in the resurrection” there will be NO marriage or giving in marriage. That is what the Church teaches.

As to what exactly our GLORIFIED and resurrected bodies will be like in the new heaven and the new earth, we do not know, except that Jesus said in those passages that we will be as the angels. Angels do not marry. The passages from the Catechism say absolutely nothing about marriage–because Jesus said there will be no marriage or giving of marriage in the resurrection. Now you argue with Jesus about this. The most we can know about the state of our glorified bodies is that we will have them–and they might be as Jesus’ resurrected body, but they will be different than the bodies we now have, and there will be no marriage.

Oh don’t get so huffy.

I just asked a question.

It seems we do know a bit about Jesus’ Glorified Body as he showed it to us when he rose from the dead.

People tend to forget about this area of the faith and think we will simply be spirits. No we will be reunited with our bodies.

That is the issue I am addressing. I believe you are right about the marriage/sex during this time. There will be no need for it. Not because it is bad or something, but because it is not necessary.

There’s that “No marriage in heaven” thing. But, suppose that two people who were married in this life both go to heaven—Will they suddenly not love each other at all, and be strangers? Will they be kept on opposite ends of heaven, forbidden from seeing each other? Will their relationship somehow become less or weaker than what it already was on earth? (Excluding marital relations of course which would have no purpose there)
I would say no.
So, given that both make it to the same place, it’s not like the end of this earthly state called marriage means they will never be together again.

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