Argument with grandma - anger = mortal sin?

Hello again everyone!

So, I’m worried AGAIN if I have done mortal sin after being angry to my grandmother after she “disturbed” me while praying. I defined it as a disturbed though because I was literally feeling disturbed hehe. While praying, she poked me then she said “Why did you blah blah blah blah blah and says bad word” so I paused for a while and I said to her “Don’t say that (bad word) then I stared at her for awhile then continued praying” Then I feel frustrated and then started to cry and saying in my mind “I’m sorry Lord! Help me with this!” after I finished praying I blew the candle, wiped my tears then looked at my grandma “PLEASE GIVE ME SOME RESPECT WHILE PRAYING I DON’T WANT TO COMMIT SIN AGAIN SO PLEASE HELP ME AS WELL! I NEED RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT! HUHUHUHUH I SINNED AGAIN” then I went to my bed crying.

I know that she knows I’m praying because I lit up the candle. This situation often happens, that’s why I don’t want my grandma to wake up at midnight because I’m still praying around that time and I really don’t want to be disturbed while praying. But it usually happens. And for your information, my grandma usually says bad words that’s why every time she says that, I’m really triggered and my voice will raise. I know that I should still respect my grandma because she’s my grandma but it’s just that my patience is not that long enough.

As what I said on my previous posts, I’m really scrupulous and I want to know when to define anger as a mortal sin.


if you have to ask it’s not mortal

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what do you mean not mortal? being angry? or being scrupulous?

if you have to ask if something you did was a mortal sin–it’s not a mortal sin. you don’t have full knowledge/full consent

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It is not a mortal sin to get angry like that. You have better get used to hearing cuss words without getting triggered because hearing someone cuss is something that will happen often and you cant tell everyone not to cuss.

Listen, you need to seek a spiritual director to help with your scrupulosity. “Is this a sin” questions here will not help you. There is no point in pointing out where anger becomes mortal or not because your scrupulosity wont let you be satisfied with any answer you get. You will still be here the next time you get angry asking “Did I sin mortally?” you need to get a spiritual director.

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As Laughing Boy says, you need to get offline help for your scruples. Coming on the Internet every time you’re worried isn’t going to address the root issue. Talk to your Priest about getting some help.


While I agree in this particular case, that does not necessarily follow. If someone commits an action they could otherwise avoid, under the thought that they might be committing a mortal sin, this demonstrates a willingness to potentially commit a mortal sin, which in itself is mortal. In this case, the “full knowledge” would pertain to the fact that this action could be mortal, and the “full consent” would pertain to the choice to do it anyway.

Regardless, I don’t think the OP has to worry. First off, the angry outburst wasn’t grave matter. Secondly, it was clearly an impulsive reaction - there was no premeditation or malice involved.


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