Argumentive thoughts


My problem at the moment is i tend to get tempted into dewling in argumentive and hateful thoughts. yesterday during the afternnon and when i work up this morning i continued to have thoughts of others as well. today after work i prayed to God and i told him father i forgive everything otheres have done to me and that may the sins they have done to me not be remembered and that when it is there time to depart from this world if i know that they have died I will pray for them.

i am guilty of not getting rid of the thoughts right away but i tend to be watching the thoughts just as someone watching TV. i know this is wrong but would you consider this a grave sin. sometime the thoughts are so strong they push me right in.

i ignore many thoughts but sometimes there is just too many in a day that i get tired fighting them off

i know that it is a mortal sin if the thoughts turns into a thought of murdering someone or wishing them evil. but these thoughts are different they are argumentive thoughts and also houghts of someone doing something i dont like. it like the devel is trying to get me angry toward another by showing me what they do that makes him annoyed.


Christians experience this at some time in their lives though the degree varies. I would consider what you experience as certainly a normal phenomenon.

Basically it arise out of dissatisfaction on what had happened to you. Either you did not handled it as you would like to or you were in no position to do it according to your preference. Either way it is something not satisfactorily dealt with that it left a lingering feeling of wanting to finish it off according to your desire. In other word you want to get the upper hand and then satisfaction would come your way.

It’s the feeling of wanting to get even; to revenge and not wanting people to get away with the wrong they had done. It is a feeling of wanting to be victorious, to win.

In Christianity it is wrong to dwell on such thought. Jesus was very clear. Love your enemy; offer the other cheek; give him the extra mile. If we are still not able to do these it is perhaps a reflection of how far we are in the way of the Lord. How mature we are as Christian and how deep the word of God is implanted in our hearts?

The key to all this is forgiveness which is not easy. Only the Lord can help us to forgive and therefore we need to decide to forgive and pray that the Lord helps us to do so. One of the ways to get over it is of course to let go. Like ‘nothing matters to me today for the Lord is with me’.

I don’t have any particular answer to your problem except to tell you - ask God to help you to be like him. If he could take the mockery and the cross for fault not of his own what then about us who are mere human? Pray. It always does wonder for us.

God bless you.


try remembering Phillipians 4:8 – if anything be pure,lovely or good report … think on these things.
I also find it helpful to control bad thoughts with your favorite christian/liturgical songs.

God bless ya !



Vengeance is mine says the LORD.

Being in the position that I am professionally, I have developed some pretty thick skin. By continuing to be nice & giving your all to someone that has wronged you (offering the other cheek), not only are you loving your enemy but you are heaping coals on their heads in eternity. I take great comfort in the fact that our LORD will give us justice.


Sometimes we CANNOT help the thoughts that run through our heads when we suffer injustice , betrayal etc. Uncharitable thoughts run through my mind, & I try to rid myself of them right away, tho it doesnt always work. I am a man who always tried to give an extra kindness to everyone, but wasnt always treated the same. Especially when you are treated badly by people who You dearly love & respect & they throw you to the wolves. I went to confession two weeks ago, with sins of sexual nature & uncharitable thoughts, The priest told me to work on the uncharitable thoughts


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