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Hello everyone,

Currently a 19 year old university student, I’m surrounded by people who feel very passionate about their pro choice views. Especially recently, I’ve been passionate about helping spread the truth about how wrong it is to kill a pre-born life. However, I feel like I’m not educated enough and I get too emotional whenever I talk about it. I also have this… burning anger that I’m trying to resolve.

I need your help. I want to become an activist but I need to know how to defend my viewpoints. Are you pro-life, and why? I’d love to hear what you all think and what your views are.


Both have good, logical, secular arguments


I just read something on the importance of meekness, it requires much humility, but it is an effective means of converting people. Try to learn how to control your passions and it will get easier.


It can be very difficult to discuss a subject you are passionate about with someone who disagrees.

My solution is to think of what it says in the Bible: be prepared to offer a reason for your belief.

It does not say it is one’s full responsibility to change the other’s mind right then and there.

With practice, I have gotten better at remembering this. Instead, I think it is maybe my job to plant a seed, and to leave the lines of communication open.

And pray. That is the most powerful thing we can do: ask the Creator of the Universe to do something!


Personally, as I’ve said more than a few times here, think out your argument. Going on a crusade to save babies is fine, but what do you propose to do with ones who are saved? Not every parent is in a good place to handle one. How about raising the child of the person who raped you? Are you going to hold the fathers just as responsible? If you outlaw abortion, it’s almost certainly going to go underground under likely horrible conditions. You are not going to get respectable doctor or even qualified people doing such procedures and you can easily bet they will use the crudest methods possible. Abortion is a messy business. I don’t support convenient abortions at all, but neither pro-life nor pro-choice have great or realistic solutions.


Stick with secular arguments. Stick with secular arguments. Stick with secular arguments. Read up on scientific peer reviewed articles. It is scientifically proven life starts at conception. Learn your rhetoric. Learn how to spot fallacy and how to argue effectively. Otherwise, peace of cake! And pray foe their conversion, privately of course.


Is there such a thing as a safe abortion?


Hopefully these people will be discouraged from doing these things if the consequences will be so severe. I know that some people have serious reasons like financial ones, but it would make sense to help them accordingly


Exactly. As he said. It’s not fair to lose the lives of millions simply because a few are willing to break the law.


Abortion is probably one of the most easiest things to refute with secular arguments.


I know. It’s great.


I am very much pro-life because I believe life (a new soul) begins at conception, and that all human lives, including those of the preborn, have the same equal right to life.

Abortion can be a very touchy subject, so remember when speaking to pro-choicers:

  1. Have compassion. Let them know that you love women in all circumstances, just like you love men and children in all circumstances, and you’re not pro-life because you hate “women’s rights.”
  2. Be sensitive. It will not just be unproductive for you to appear on the scene bashing pro-choicers or women who have had abortions, it will be counterproductive. Make sure the one you’re discussing this with knows you’re listening to them and you know this is a hard topic to discuss.
  3. Meet them where they’re at. Saying things such as, “I understand where you’re coming from, and (for example) if I agreed that fetuses weren’t people, I’d totally agree with you. But I don’t agree there, and here’s why…” can go a long way. But at the same time, make sure not to sound like you’re lecturing them! Get them to engage in the discussion!
  4. If the conversation begins to go downhill, it might be a good idea to end the discussion early, especially if you struggle keeping your own cool. Of course, there’s always a chance you might be able to cool the other person down, but with touchy subjects like these, that can be really hard to do even with experts. So, saying “I disagree with you but I am not willing to get into a discussion with you if you cannot be civil about it” might be appropriate.

Another helpful tip is to ask them: “Is there any way I could change your mind?” or “What would change your mind?” This will get them to think about whether or not they’re really open to change. If they’ve already made up their minds that their views will not change, there really is no point in engaging in this discussion with them just yet. If that is the case, try starting out with a discussion that might get them to be a little more open-minded.


Men are often left out of the equation, which I think is negligent to a mans feelings.

For me, I am the Father of a child, the instant I find out my wife is pregnant. Well actually at conception, but I don’t realise it until she tells me.

I visualise what sex they are, what kind of a life for them and what their name may be. In my mind the unborn baby is my child.

Sure, that’s just a males opinion but it has meaning to me. Now consider, my wife has an abortion. In my mind she has murdered my child. Give it any definition you will, my unborn child has been taken away from me.

Am I really a selfish male, to think that I have a choice, and that me calling this act murder is just selfish?


Let the onus of “proof” be on the other party. IMO, pro-life folk tend to want to convince the other side, and they come across as defensive in argument from taking a defensive stance.

When I encounter pro-choice people, I ask a lot of questions. If my goal is to make the other person seriously revisit their position, I’ll get more traction by hearing their words than them partially hearing mine.

Things I ask:

  • Do you think it’s okay to kill a fetus if the fetus is sentient and can feel pain? (If yes, I ask them to explain why. I ask questions about the fetus’ development and proximity to viability. Using this tack, I’ve never met a pro-choice individual who thinks sentient fetuses should be hurt. It’s obviously inhumane.)

  • Why is a fetus whose parents want it ascribed a different level of personhood than one whose parents don’t? Why is this standard different for just-born children, or fetuses who are medically viable?

  • Should the child of a person who commits murderer be killed for the parent’s actions? Why should the child of someone who has conceived an “unwanted” child be?

  • Why is it okay for one human to end another’s life? Do you think the mentally ill or physically disabled should be able to be euthanized if they don’t have family who is willing to care for them?

  • Why can adults, who cannot consent to bodily harm of themselves, contract it for their child? Does the pro-choice supporter endorse an extension of previous corporal punishment rights to schools and parents?

  • Explain to me how a woman is better off seeking an abortion than using contraception to prevent pregnancy. If contraceptive failure rates are cited, suggest multiple methods be used (e.g. pill and condom, copper IUD and pill) and use Trussell’s stats on contraceptive effectiveness.

  • Explain to me how the fetus being aborted is not a genetically distinct being.

  • How is it compassionate to deny the child a loving family, knowing that many people struggle with infertility? Should abused children, similarly, be denied access to foster or adoptive families?

  • How is it consistent with the Hippocratic oath for a medical doctor to end a life that would otherwise reach maturity if left undisturbed?

  • Why is the acceptability of ending a life contingent on our scientific understanding of that being’s neurology? What if we knew with certainty that a blastocyst could feel pain at being aborted?

  • Why is it acceptable to abort a child when viable plastic exo-uteruses are being developed by reproductive specialists? If medical technology exists that would allow an embryo to survive successfully to term, and transplanting the embryo to such an environment carried equal or lesser pain to the mother, should the mother have any say in what happens to the child, so long as her wish that she not remain pregnant is honoured?


You aren’t “just” a male. Being a man doesn’t invalidate your very real parenthood, or your equal importance in the discussion. Men need to be heard, because they are equal co-creators of children.


So does the health of a few women take precedence over the lives of millions?


This thread’s purpose is to give advice to the OP on how to defend his views. This thread’s purpose is not to debate whether or not abortion should be kept legal. If you’d like to discuss whether or not abortion should be kept legal, please start another thread. We should all work to keep threads on-topic to avoid confusion. :slight_smile: Thanks!


Abortion(direct abortion) is intrinsically evil so under no circumstance or intention can abortion ever be allowed. That’s an infallible teaching.

There is also an indirect abortion where a woman has to judge on circumstances if removing a part of her uterus let’s say because of disease…and it’s a serious situation. So the doctor can remove the disease and the result the child will die. It’s not directly killing the child as a direct abortion.If the circumstances are judged properly this is not a sin.

The main goal with sickness is to save and help both mother and baby.

God will provide for those with difficult financial and other situations, it’s never worth killing a child over money and the like. Abortion negatively effects woman years later. The pro death people act as if they are helping woman but are really the opposite, they are the ones anti woman.

Charity in all things so keep your cool.


You presume that millions don’t die legal or not. As I’ve said in other posts, regulation is unfortunately our best chance. We are fallen people, not just those who choose abortion, but the community around them who are incapable of addressing the reasons people opt for abortion.


I realize many women die as a result of abortion. Will you please answer the question?

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