Arguments against public toplessness

I found this article on why women going to topless in public should be legal. I was wondering if anyone knew of any arguments against this?

On a related note, as catholics are we called to oppose these kinds of laws? I feel a gut reaction against this kind of stuff but i wasn’t sure if the Church had more specific reasons for opposing it.

I find it hard enough to have to look at men and women who are scantly dressed, let alone having to view those who wish to go topless or bare it all.

This flies in the face of modesty and should be viewed as a form of indecent exposure. People need to get some brains, and those of us who care about modesty need to be heard loud and clear. Enough is enough.

First it would be a mortal sin for the women, and it would be a grave public scandal. Public interest should be to protect public morality. Let’s hope no one is seriously considering it.

One wonders if people haven’t gone completely insane:shrug: .


I think it is disgusting for a woman to go topless. It is extremely immodest and mortally sinful if done with full consent of the will and knowledge that it is gravely sinful. It would also be the sin of tempting others to sin and the sin of causing scandal.

Why is it okay for men to be topless?

Because man-boobs aren’t a sexual object; they’re just . . . I dunno . . . silly-looking?

Couldn’t looking at a topless man incite a woman to lust after him?

It’s pretty simple. We cover up sexual organs. Women have three sexual organs (if you count each breast)… two of which are on their chest. Men also have three sexual organs, but all three are below the belt. Men cover up their three… The breasts on men are not sexual organs and actually have no functional purpose (kind of like the human appendix).

I hope this helps and God Bless.


I would venture to guess that a female lusting after a man’s chest is more akin to a man lusting after a woman’s legs, neck, belly, back, etc.

A man lusting over female breasts is more akin to a woman lusting over male sexual organs.

Of course lust is lust and both would objectively be mortal sins, but I think lusting over sexual organs is a greater mortal sin than lusting over non-sexual organs.

God Bless.

What a ridiculous world we live in.

Demanding the right for women to wander about topless and yet:

Women who need to breast feed in public are tramps because it is seen as immodest or sexual (

Men cannot wear mankini’s without being physically attacked because it is seen as offensive (

I am sure that there are many other examples of the craziness in this world.

I personally consider it immoral for men to be topless in public outside of certain specific contexts such as the beach. In a city where some of my relatives live, it is not uncommon for topless men and women wearing nothing but a bikini to walk around the streets of downtown during the summer months (the beach being relatively near by). Both are inappropriate for that context…

Men shouldn’t be given a free pass. And in regards to women’s breasts being sexual objects, this is arguably more cultural than biological (though I’m sure there is a bit of both at play). Their function is to nurse infants. Anthropologists will tell you that the sexual objectification of breasts is NOT universal (though it seems to be the case in the vast majority of modern cultures).

This is bad biology. Breasts are not necessary to reproduction.

Breasts are not a sexual organ. Men can and have lactate. I forget the name of the hormone (it is not estrogen). Btw, men can also get breast cancer.

Ovaries are sexual organs. Wombs are sexual organs. Women who have had a mastectomy can and have had children. Women without ovaries or a womb cannot.

I’m sorry, but while breasts certainly cause plenty of sexual attraction they are not a sexual organ.

This is not to say women should be running around topless, but it is just pointing out that it is wrong to think that female breasts are on a par with either male or female sexual organs.


Thanks, thats essentially what I was trying to say. :slight_smile:

i have seen man-boobs bigger than a lot women’s, what makes a woman’s boobs a sexual organ??? Men’s brains.

But i am not an advocate for toplessness for anyone, male or female.

As far as legality, I’m torn. I definitely think it’s not in good taste for anyone to go topless - male or female. And yes, I will admit, as a woman, that I find it distracting when men are shirtless. I know it’s the norm at places like the beach or pool, so I deal with it, but I’m also glad that rash guards and shirts for sun protection are becoming fashionable. :stuck_out_tongue:

But as far as it being illegal, I don’t know. I think public decency laws have their place, especially when it relates to safety issues like traffic and distraction. At least in American society, it’s definitely the case that a woman without a top is considered much, much more distracting than a man without one. But most public places have “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policies and I approve of those. Also, laws on public decency have sometimes been used to discourage public breastfeeding, which I think is a misuse of those laws.

I try to keep my focus on policing myself and raising my children to make good choices, regardless of what the other people around us are doing.

I am right there with you especially with respect to the bolded.

I would just love it if everyone went topless. Then we could fix this whole sexualized breast problem. I would much rather see women grocery shopping topless and gardening topless than sexualized on the covers of magazines with posed faces and trash makeup.

Jesus said to be like children; my toddler is running around naked as a jaybird right now.

So the article linked here, says that all this started because men can go topless and women could not, and equality is threatened.

Following this kind of logic: I think it is time that Men be granted rights for having maternity leave.

Because paternity leave isn’t enough? LOL They already do.

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