Arian Catholics believe Christ went to England?

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I’m sure lots of English Christians of all stripes would like to believe it!

You might want to read the “Arian Catholic” home page:

It would appear that these people are **not **Catholic; in fact, they are not even Christian at all…


Well I don’t think so. GodAllahYHWH had revealed one the PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 that Jesus S/O Mary survived from cursed killing on Cross and from Galilee alongwith his mother Mary he migrated to India and he died a natural and peaceful death there and is buried at Mohallah Khanyar, Sirinagar, India.

He has provided a lot of evidences in this connection which could be accessed at:
There is however no compulsion to believe .


“Arian Catholic” is like saying “neat garbage.” It’s a contradiction of terms.

“Arian” refers to a kind of Christology that has the Son a created being, not of the same nature as the Father.

Catholic Christology teaches that the Son is of the same nature as the Father. This is held not only by those in communion with the Pope, but by Orthodox, Non-Chalcedonians, and classical Protestants. It is doubtless the most “Catholic” doctrine of Christendom.

You now see how “Arian” cannot be an adjective used to modify “Catholic,” don’t you?

I know what you mean but that seems to be what they call themselves.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I didn’t check the link; I’m a busy man. But there is a sort of fringe group in Anglicanism that holds that Christ visited England (“And did Those Feet, In Ancient Times, Walk Upon England’s Mountains Green…”) in company with his uncle, the merchant Joseph of Arimathea, pursing the tin trade. This is tied to the Joseph /Glastonbury/Grail legends, and even more recondite stuff.


GKC, there is an article in an issue of THIS ROCK that addresses this:

Yep. That’s usually how the story is told. And usually how the RC view refutes it. Though it can get more mind boggling: visits to the Islands by the BVM, and a variety of Apostles/saints, etc. Me, I’m a skeptical Anglican. But there are those who can make a sort of coherent case for it. I’d cite books, but all of them are packed right now.



I have no objection on Joseph Arimathea going to England for the trade of tin as mentioned by one poster but Jesus S/O Mary had no business to go there and hence logically could not have gone to England for a number of obvious solid reasons.

Jesus with his mother Mary from Galilee where he last departed from his disciples went to India as proved by the PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 (Jesus-in-His Second-Coming) in his book “Jesus in India”.…dia/index.html

There is however no compulsion to believe .


“There is however no compulsion to believe .”

I am relieved.


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