Ariana Grande Concert

Can I go to an Ariana Grande concert as a Catholic?

I tend to stay away from her song God is a woman, but I find her other music catchy

If you have $300 in disposable income and can find nothing better to do with it, sure.


I personally wouldn’t support her, but that’s just me personally. I don’t think the Church would put a definitive ban on Ariana Grande, even if some of her music and her attitude is distasteful imho. As long as it doesn’t lead you to sin, it’s probably okay.


Go for it. You’re only young once.

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sure why not, I go to rock concerts myself im seeing kiss soon on there end of road tour and cant wait!

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It wouldn’t be my choice, but I don’t see her shows as being different from the other 1 million dance pop shows out there, so if concerts in general and Ariana in particular aren’t an occasion of sin for you, go ahead.

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