Aridity, Dryness, Emptiness in Prayer


Here’s a great sermon on the subject, and how to deal with it.

Mental Prayer (part 2): Dryness and Distractions

Gratitude is the secret to happiness! :slight_smile:


Thank you Shin! I agree that gratittude is the secret to happiness, especially when it’s coupled with hope :slight_smile:


Excellent sermon, Shin. Thank you for sharing it; I found it personally very helpful. There is so much good material on audiosancto!


Thank you for this! I really needed to hear it, especialy considering that I’ve been experiencing much aridity and emptiness in my own prayer lately. This will hopefully get me back on track!


Be constant, and you shall see the help of God over you: and now we are praying for you, that you yield not to sorrow, but that your virtue may appear more bright in tribulation.

St. Joseph Calasanctius



Shin, thank you very much for this. :thumbsup: Excellent mini-retreat! And especially, thanks… for the audio version. I have a fair amount of difficulty in reading and contributing to CAF… due to bad peepers :hypno: so, this was a real help.

God bless.


Thank you, Shin. I appreciate it. It “hits the spot”.


Here is a great series of blog posts on this topic…

Very well written


Shin, thank you for the great audio. I bookmarked it.


Thanks be to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. . .

I recommend downloading the entire content of the audio sermon sites! Then playing them instead of music, with full attention, or even with only part. . they are great helps. :slight_smile:

‘Truth always shines with a brilliancy of its own, whilst falsehood is clouded in darkness, to dispel which it is enough to place it in the presence of truth.’

St. Ignatius of Loyola


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