Arizona bill passes allowing abortion clinic snap inspections

(Reuters) - Arizona lawmakers gave final passage on Wednesday to a bill that would allow state health authorities to conduct surprise inspections of abortion clinics without first obtaining a warrant, handing another legislative victory to abortion foes.

The Republican-backed bill, which passed the state Senate on a 17-13 vote and now goes to the governor, would remove a provision in law state requiring a judge to sign off on any surprise inspections conducted at the nine clinics in Arizona licensed to perform abortions.

No other medical facilities require such a warrant.

That’s awesome! This is why I don’t want to move out of Arizona.

I have a mixed reaction to this. If it’s a publicly-funded clinic, then I see little reason for health inspections to require warrants. If it’s a private clinic, OTOH. . . . .I’m leery of giving approval for a government agency to intrude in a private practice at any time (exempting emergent situations), regardless of my feelings on what goes on in that facility.

I was surprised by the bit that said (or implied) that clinics that perform abortions had what sounds like a special exemption from being subject to warrantless inspections, whereas other clinical sites did not.

Health inspectors don’t give notice before inspecting restaurants. Shouldn’t a business that performs a medical procedure be held to at least that standard?


“…handing another legislative victory to abortion foes.” - from the article

Bias alert: The MSM article shows contempt for those who are Pro-Life by calling us the enemy.

Yep, you’re exactly right.

As to the op, it is good that they will hold abortion clinics to the same standards as other medical facilities. I’m sick and tired of double standards in favor of evil.

Good point. I’m guilty of not having checked my bias against government involvement at the door and obviously didn’t think this one through before posting.:o

Sounds like the decision was made purely for political reasons.

Sounds like the decision was made for the safety and health of women, instead of just paying lip service to it like the abortion industry does.

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