Arizona City Council Approves Proposal to Allow Only Christian Prayers at Meetings

COOLIDGE, Ariz. — City Council members in Arizona have voted to move forward with a proposal to allow only Christian prayers at city hall meetings.

The Coolidge City Council voted 4-2 on Monday with one member absent to have attorney Dennis Fitzgibbons provide draft language and counsel as to how the concept might be carried out.

Councilman Rob Hudelson, a Baptist minister, had proposed the idea as the council was considering a resolution to allow religious groups in the area to present a prayer, message or moment of silence during meetings. According to reports, Coolidge currently has been absent any invocations since 2007, when interest from local clergy faded out.

When protestants do things like this, it just fulls more “freedom from religion” junk.

We need to pick our battles in the public square carefully.

It will be interesting to see what happens from this.

There’s no way the city attorney could be this stupid.

I really hate things like this. Everyone knows it won’t stand up, but these people do it just to show they are fighting the good fight. This is no different than the Pharisees praying in the synagogues and street corners.

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