Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Expected To Sign Three Abortion-Restricting Bills

Republican Gov. Doug Ducey is expected to sign three new measures that would restrict abortions, prohibit experimentation on tissue from aborted babies, and ban Planned Parenthood from the Arizona state employee payroll deduction contribution program.

These past few days have been fantastic for the pro-life movement. Florida, Indiana, and now Arizona adding restrictions and/or defunding.

This is more good news. We need to end abortion. We are taking steps in the right direction.

Seems the state is stepping in where the federal has failed.

If it continues at this rate, I wonder how many states will have defunded by the general election in November…

prayers are being answered. God is SICK of abortion!

I am sick of it as well.


this is wonderful news! :slight_smile:


55million aborted babies in America…
400 million aborted babies in China
2 Billion aborted babies in the world…

God will give us an answer…

I have never understood how the SC came to the decision they did in RvW. Many legal scholars have said the same. This is one of the many things that should go back to the states as delineated in the constitution. But, alas, we have more and more justices who want to legislate from the bench.

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