Arizona House OKs abortion clinic inspection bill


PHOENIX (AP) - The Republican-controlled Arizona House of Representatives has approved a bill allowing surprise inspections at Arizona abortion clinics.

Tuesday’s 34-22 vote came over the objections of Democrats who said the bill was an attack on women, unconstitutional and would lead to the state spending money defending a lawsuit.

The bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko of Peoria eliminates a requirement that the Department of Health Services obtain an administrative warrant to conduct unscheduled inspections at the state’s nine licensed abortion clinics. Lesko says the bill aims to protect women from clinics that are not up to standards.


One would think that pro-abortion individuals would have no problem with these facilities being held to a higher standard than a McDonald’s. :shrug:


“We want it safe, legal, and rare.”

“We need it to be safe and legal.”

“It had better be legal or else!”


Good for Arizona!

This is about protecting women from unsanitary or other dangerous conditions.


Hmmm, as a restaurant manager for thirty years, I can state that the Board of Health inspections were always unannounced. Can’t understand why these clinics should be any different.


As it stands now, the Arizona Department of Health uses the same methods to inspect all outpatient medical facilities. The Bureau Chief for Medical Facilities, Connie Belden, said that includes urgent care centers, physical therapy offices and clinics that perform five or more abortions a month. Her team inspects about 2,600 medical centers across Arizona, nine of which provide abortions.

She said each gets the same treatment from a registered nurse, or team of RNs.

“We’re looking to see that if there’s any health or safety risk, obviously that’s going to be a citation because that puts the patient at risk,” Belden said.

Inspectors work through observations, interviews and reviews of documents, like patient files and policies. They’re checking, for instance, to see if a clinic has a disaster plan or if employee experience matches up with job duties. If it passes, the facility gets a stamp of approval for up to 24 months.

“All of the surveys are unannounced,” Belden said.

But there’s one big exception. Abortion providers get a 10-day heads up. It’s been that way since their inspections began in 2010. That was part of a settlement reached after a legal battle with a Tucson abortion provider.


I have a question to pose to all those Catholic third-party voters; all the Democrat party voters who are Catholic; and all those other Catholic voters who hate the Republican Party so much: which party controls the Arizona House of Representatives and which party is responsible for this pro life law???



This is another example showing how Democrats and Republicans are at opposite ends when it comes to abortion. The biggest lie is when people say that the two parties are the same.


In a lot of ways both parties are the same. They both like to spend. They both lie to get what they want. They both like to spend. :stuck_out_tongue:

The whole Republicans doing anything, but pay lip service to the pro-life camp is a relatively new thing. We need to keep them accountable so that they continue being a pain in the pro-abortion’s side.


How is this a “pro-life” law? It’s about protecting the health and safety of women getting abortions, isn’t it?


It depends on how you look at it. The pro-abortion Democrats hate this law because until now abortion clinics have been let off the hook when it comes to inspections. Who knows maybe some of the abortion clinics will have to close if they fail inspections. That seems to me to be a good thing but it all depends on how you look at it. Look at it was supporting the bill and look at who is opposing the bill and that should give you an idea.


It always puzzles me that people who are pro-abortion are always so against the clinics getting inspected and held to normal health facility standards. You’d think they’d want it to be less likely to kill the women involved. :shrug: Apparently that’s an “unconstitutional attack on women” though.


Personally, I don’t see why laws like this aren’t passed throughout the entire world. I mean, abortion can be very dangerous to the woman and is obviously dangerous to the unborn child. It is intrinsically evil and ought to be completely and totally banned worldwide but unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon barring a miracle.




It just reinforces my notion that all mainstream politicians are hypocrites. Republicans claim they are opposed to government regulation of business, yet here they are making it harder for the free market to operate. Democrats are supposed to be for government regulation of business, yet here they are opposing a regulation that would make businesses safer for clients. So much for party ideology. :shrug:


Should a health care place be considered a business?


Think of it this way: would you want to go anywhere for any sort of doctor’s appointment if they had filthy surroundings, equipment that isn’t sterilized, etc?

Would you take a dog to vet’s clinic that looked like it was filthy and not kept up?

Abortion killing centers are unregulated. They are death traps for babies AND the mothers. If there was an emergency, they need to be able to get a stretcher through. Some of these places don’t have big enough hallways.

Read articles on and lifesitenews and operation rescue. They are eye opening about the filthy conditions.


For the moment I will assume that you are not being disingenuous and engage you here. The Republicans generally are opposed to government regulation of business when it is excessive and unnecessary. Republicans have never claimed to be against all regulation of business. So no hypocrisy on their part. The Democrats are generally for excessive regulation and micro-managing of business. But in this case, their penchant for regulating business and their penchant for being pro-abortion are at odds with each other. When that happens, of course the pro-abortion side wins. So yes, you could say the Democrats are hypocritical here. I hope this helps you understand this better.



Yes, unless they offer their services for free.


All good reasons to endorse the law. None of them are “pro-life”, however.

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